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Duke Before Dishonor

Duke Before Dishonor
November 01
18:24 2013


Listening to Duke
makes me realize I should
forgive my woman everything
all the time
because sometimes I’m selfish
and there is nothing to forgive
but harsh words and sharp nails
against my flesh
only animal behaviorisms
but mostly I don’t realize
how alive I am
when working all the time
and expecting everybody to just know
how much I love them
but Ellington is undeniable
so much upon on the genuine soul
of actual living
those keys, full of joy
and super fly wisdom
so cool …
and hot
holdin’ your woman by the thighs
this is real, you think
in that moment when all the
mind control fades
good gods, this is true
I am here
you are here
and all we have to do
is get naked
and listen, baby.


Bukowski’s Bones

April in South Sacramento

Bradley Mason Hamlin is an American writer and the creator of Secret Society Comics. He is an alumni of the University of California, where poet Gary Snyder dubbed Hamlin “The Road Warrior of Poetry!” Born in Los Angeles, Hamlin currently lives in Sacramento, California with his wife, Nicky Christine, and their tribe of suburban children & wild cats. His latest book of poems, California Blonde, is available from Black Shark Press

[photo by Louis Panassié]


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  1. Joanna
    Joanna November 22, 05:42

    Love this. His words seem to fuel forward into Duke’s music mistress. We are drawn to listen to the orality and textuality. Life as sensation lived in the moment, word made flesh. He pours body and soul and leaves you swinging. Make love, make music, make sense, make life.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author November 25, 16:09

      You hit it exactly with this comment, Joanna. It’s lively and memorable.

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