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The wrath of God, or Carry on blowing!

October 29
20:30 2012
Perthshire, Scotland


As storms lash Washington DC, I hope the politicians are aware of the irony of the situation. They use God’s name to prove how good they are in comparison to other peoples of the world. Now it looks as if God has had enough of their use of his name. 

If Sandy devastates Washington, I hope politicians realize nature or God is so much more powerful than them and their foolish pronouncements! 

Politicians think that they have all the answers, but this, possibly the most devastating storm in living memory, shows just how powerless they are. Twenty-five foot waves predicted on Lake Michigan will cause major destruction to properties. Hey Mitt, stand on the shore and tell the waves to go back to Iran, where I’m sure he thinks they came from! Strangely enough he will not be able to do much except get wet.
President Obama could stand on the steps of the Capital and show his Nobel peace prize and see if that makes the storm abate. Don’t think so Mister President!
Now as the storm roars towards the east coast, the candidates are changing travel plans to keep campaigning. The television news channels are full of talking heads pontificating about what impact the storm will have on the outcome of the election! 

Never mind that people may be killed and injured. That hardly warrants a mention. The voting patterns may change, so that’s much more important.  Will this favor the Democrats or the Republicans? Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass for how it will affect either party. I’m more concerned about the possibility of injury or death to residents in the affected areas. 

I know of people who are calling relatives on the east coast to give them advice and get them to places of safety. The candidates are parroting the usual lines about following official advice! Duh! If that’s the best they can do, they should hold their tongues! 

In situations like this, politicians feel helpless, so they talk in insulting clichés, instead of saying nothing. Each candidate fears saying too much/not enough! They are paralyzed into talking bollocks! People may be killed? Where will the candidates campaign? There will be destruction of property! Where will the candidates’ planes land?
Just stop being politicians and be human for a few days! This is important….politics just isn’t! Before these men invoke God’s name, they should realize he is sending them a message. And they should heed it at their peril. They aren’t in control of nature. In fact, they aren’t in control of anything. And they hate that.
If the good and the great get washed away in this storm, it would not be much of a loss! Who would miss them? Maybe their families, but not the rest of us!This is a wake up call from the Almighty, but I doubt if the self absorbed myopic occupiers of the seats of power will even understand the message, never mind act on it. Stupidity and greed will make sure nothing changes.


So as the wind howls and the rain lashes down, the political elite and the talking heads will continue to worry about how the storm will affect voting turnout. Very little concern will be shown for the public and the devastation caused by the storm. This is because power to rule is everything, but the power of the storm may well be their undoing. 

Michael J Blair is a regular contributor to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair


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