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Life Is A Boston Tea Party

October 26
20:08 2012

(reprinted from The Birth of Road Rage — find the book here)

At MIT where Einstein used to be there are robotic scientists working all thru the night. Sometimes their creations wink unexpectedly like Pinocchio. Sometimes they goose-step over to have a look at the blueprints. Sometimes they make coffee and rub the weary man’s shoulders.

“There, there,” they’re programmed to say. “Don’t let it get to you. You’re doing the best you know how. You know we love you regardless …”

There’s a directive that’s come down from on high: “If we can make them feel guilt, the world is our oyster.”

The scientists don’t know who’s pulling their strings. They stop reaching for stars and start grabbing at straws. They dress their finest creation like a priest and then go down on their knees.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned …”

Out in the real world, eagles soar thru a hazy-blue sky and helicopters swoop in clumsy imitation.

From a great distance, the earth gives the appearance of peace. Venus Flytrap of the universe, she lies in wait for whatever happens her way.

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  1. Donald ODonovan
    Donald ODonovan October 28, 01:08

    The Birth of Road Rage is an American classic. Check it out.

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