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Michael Moore Is Fundamentally Wrong On His View of the 2nd Amendment

August 02
10:00 2012

I don’t hate Michael Moore. I’d buy him a sandwich. Although, I wouldn’t get into a car with him, but that’s because I don’t truly know who he is. If there’s one rule I’ve always laid down for myself throughout this life, it’s that you never, ever get into a vehicle with someone you don’t know really well.

One thing for certain, I disagree with Moore on his explanation of the Second Amendment, and what the goal was in the minds of the founding fathers who conceived of it.

On Piers Morgan, Moore described the founding fathers as having a serious lack of capability envisioning the future. “The founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment thinking about muskets that shot a little ball bearing and took about fifteen minutes to load and pack before shooting.”

I’m paraphrasing Moore’s words. You can watch the whole interview here.

Moore is fundamentally wrong when he suggests America’s founding fathers couldn’t have dreamed of assault rifles and semi-automatic guns. I say, they didn’t have to. The pillar of that amendment is that American citizens be similarly armed as the military, lest they become victims of a tyrannical government, or in case another country invades the nation.

Our founding fathers knew where our rights and freedoms ran into reality. A piece of paper would not ensure an individual’s liberties, but an armed population stands a chance at fending off a tyrannical government. The most important part, then, about an armed civilian population, is that the arms are as powerful as those in the hands of government and/or military officials who would, possibly some day, be in command of stripping away the rights and freedoms of Americans.

If muskets are the thing, then muskets should be available to the American citizens. If it’s assault rifles, then they too should be available to citizens. It’s about equaling the playing field. It’s about creating an impossibility of defeating the American public.

Yes, tragedies and massacres happen. I would hate to sell the idea expressed above to the families of victims of bloody shooting sprees. But the problem is this country needs better mental health care, and more respect for guns. I grew up with them. My father taught me never to aim a gun at anything I didn’t want to die. This country thinks guns are cool. They’re toys. Rappers have them. The bigger the gun, the sexier the women that flock to it. Our mental health in this nation has deteriorated.

Also, look at how our government and US military treats weapons. The president acts as our Father. So look at the examples of violence he sets. I can’t think of anybody who has used “guns”, or weapons, in a more hostile, and reckless way than president, and his predecessors for decades before. What riles me up is how many people we’ve allowed our government to murder overseas through military invasions, and how little that seems to disturb Americans.

Nobody weeps for the Iraqi mother who lost her husband and sons in the US invasion. I don’t see anybody weeping for the men who ran back to their village in Yemen to find only smoking rubble and remains of their wives and children. 

Why don’t we run the bastards in office who order those strikes out into the street to be stripped naked and flogged, all the while televised as a warning to any other administration that wishes to carry out the same atrocities?

Maybe some of us are just paranoid about a treasonous US government with a president who has a “kill list” and has already murdered an American citizen who lived in Yemen, and weeks later knocked off that man’s teenage son and nephew.

The defenders of Obama’s kill list say it isn’t murder, because it’s “structured” killing. It’s not like what happened in Colorado. The government has a right to kill people.

I don’t know if the mothers in Afghanistan who lost their young boys in a NATO helicopter strike while they were picking firewood feel much better about picking up the torn bodies of their boys than families in Colorado feel about what happened in that movie theater. Yes, NATO is structured and official. The end result is the same.

In fact, it’s even worse when a government destroys human lives. People trust their government. People pay taxes into it for safety, honesty, and decisions made for the good of the People. A man like Charles Manson could never get away with murder, or conspiring to murder, but a president or diplomat or member of the CIA has immunity.

When the government goes rogue, the rest of us buy assault rifles. Not because we ever want to use them, but because that’s really where the life and death reality of preserving your God-given freedoms exist.


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