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Humans Like Frogs In Bug Jars

June 24
04:30 2012

I’m still trying to get a grip on a blog called Confessions of A Former White Hat Operative. The only reason I found the site was because a reader of it posted a story from Dear Dirty America in the comments section, and then a flurry of traffic came to DDA from that comment.

On some level I understand that site. A foreign, interplanetary agency or board is going to do some deep cleaning here on earth, and root out the corrupt global banking cabal, and hopefully save humanity and our precious planet. I am not familiar with the names and entities listed, but I’m sure I will start to figure out how they all fit together after a few more intense visits to Former White Hat.

The creator or editor or main producer of the site wrote, in response to a reader, a comment that really resonated with me. His words are like the positive side to the negative focus of Dear Dirty America:

Not life is not supposed to be “easier.” Life never is. But growth need not be thwarted by enslavement, paying to live on the planet you were born on, paying for food the earth gives freely, paying for energy which the earth gives and is available freely. These matters is how the Cabal has enslaved humanity. Humans were not meant to work for others 40-50 hours a week just to have shelter, food and energy. There is no reason why no one should not have a home or food. Where does a person have time to create, meditate, connect to Source, when the majority of a person’s time is spent in labor just to eat and have a roof?

From a Marxist point of view, this might be the ultimate flaw of capitalism. It is enslavement of so many people, in order that a small few can have very comfortable, very good lives. That prosperity is issued to a society off the sweaty, broken backs of the masses.

We have been cut off from the Source. We’ve been cut off from ourselves. We are fed dirty nasty degenerate entertainment to keep our brain waves tuned into that subservient human drone worker state. Massive unemployment and government austerity measures keep those of us with a job on our knees, grateful for minimum wage and no health insurance or benefits.

Every human should be thriving on this planet. Breathing uncontaminated air into healthy pink lungs and being so naturally high and in tune with the Universe, and the soil, and the animals, and every other human. But our representation of ‘reality’, set up by so many control freaks and money men have for centuries kept us suppressed, yearning, aching, and confused by our complete lack of satisfaction.

We’re like frogs in big plastic jug bars, garnished with one spindly stick and two shriveled tree leaves. We’re not in our natural habitat. We went wrong thousands of years ago, when humanity chose possession and consumerism and individualism over collectivism.

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