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Fat Piggies At the WH Correspondents Dinner: Brokaw’s Right

May 09
20:30 2012
Los Angeles

On the money:

The NBC News veteran caused a major stir on Sunday when he said that it was time to “rethink” the dinner, which has become one of the biggest nights on the Washington social calendar.

“I do feel strongly that it’s gone way too far,” he said. He added that the dinner, which has drawn more and more Hollywood celebrities ever year, gives off a “let them eat cake” air to the rest of the country, and seemed to say that “we’re more interested in celebrities than we are in the concerns of real folks who are out there.”

It was, he said, “just the worst kind of symbolism,” as well as an “exercise simply in hedonism.”
Brokaw finished by saying that he refuses to attend the event anymore. Playing off of what he said was an old Native American belief that a photograph will steal one’s soul, he said, “If you go it’ll steal your soul.”

Tom Brokaw’s right. I was appalled as usual to see the swarm of primed celebrities sitting around listening to a comedian making jokes (although one of them was pretty good, when Kimmel turned to Pres Obama and said, “Remember when you said we should have hope in you for a better tomorrow?” The president nodded. “That was hilarious,” Kimmel said, and turned back to the audience.)

While America struggles with tens of millions of unemployed, and our job growth is severely slowing down after a promising first two months of the new year, we have these plumped little piggies chowing down on the taxpayer’s time and dollar. Theft and robbery and other crime is off the charts in America’s largest cities, and people are desperate, yet everybody gathers round to support a bunch of reporters glutting themselves in the lavish troughs of government. Celebrities in tow. Like Kardashian and Bieber and Clooney. What the fuck do they have to do with that dinner?

We’re celebrating a bunch of reporters who parrot the talking heads of government, and lie about how our unemployment rates are actually getting better. We live in a fascist state where celebrities, specially-selected journalists, congressmen, prominent politicians, billionaires, and the president gorge themselves with fine foods and drink as the rest of America watches and thinks it’s cute and funny.

But it’s for charity, the critics say. But the real charity that should be recognized is done by the millions of Americans who wipe asses and clean tables and scrub public bathrooms for poverty level wages. They give their time and life energy to barely making a living, yet doing the worst kinds of work.

Brokaw’s right about losing your soul at the Correspondents Dinner. The halls of government are bankrupt and haunted. I’m reminded of the farm animals in Orwell’s allegorical novel who peer into the farmhouse to see the pigs all gathered round the table drunk and hot on their nightly feast. The other farm animals, of course, only get small portions of whatever’s not wanted by the piggies.

I could be wrong about the whole thing. Celebrity Gobbler slammed out a piece that takes the exact opposite view that I do. Tom Brokaw Doesn’t Understand the Truth About Celebrities She’s been out with an illness, and I hadn’t heard from her in months. But she’s back with her “special” views on life, celebrities, and Jesus.

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