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Occupy Wall Street Is Dangerous

October 05
19:30 2011
–Los AngelesOh, this class warfare! Mitt Romney said the Occupy Wall Street protests are dangerous. He said they’re class warfare. I hope he’s right. I hope the millions of out-of-work, foreclosed-on homeowners, disgruntled union workers, and every other pissed off American hits the streets yelling and screaming. It’s about goddamned time this country sees real political fireworks.

The banks and multinational corporations that received a total of $16.6 trillion from the Federal Reserve in almost interest-free loans after they engaged in casino-type risk, and then plunged the world’s economy into bedlam, might be considered an act of class warfare.  Nobody on Wall Street went to jail for their fraudulent, criminal activity. They’re still doing what they’re doing, but now they’re using gobs of your money, and you didn’t have a say about it.

And now they want you to tighten your belts. Lose your jobs. Endure a new decade of fiscal austerity.

What I think is dangerous is the milquetoast Romney in his pretty suit, walking around parroting old lines about finance and wealth, war and Wall Street. He’s a boring playboy piece-of-shit who’s too afraid to be all the way Conservative or Liberal, so he toes the worst line of all: the inconsequential ‘I’m-too-afraid-to-make-a-real-statement’ middle line.

The shot of mace that kicked off the revolution

Under a President Romney, we would still suffer, and continue to suffer as he decides to turn our nation into a business, where we talk about profits, and we deal in dollars. Under a Romney presidency, our country will continue to see money instead of people, and fear terrorists instead of the impoverished millions who have no more hope of those GOP proclaimed “better days ahead.”

Barack Obama is doing no better, and if he said something similar about the Occupy Wall Street protests, I would say the same thing to him. He’d better get his jobs bill passed, and he’d better start making a difference. When I talk to the Occupy Los Angeles people, and read about the Occupy Wall Street movement, I hear and see a whole lot of people who want to piss on both political parties.

Occupy Los Angeles storms the financial district

One Fox commentator was saying the OWS movement was only about liberals, and that liberals only make up 20 percent of America, so the protests will never last, but I can’t think of anything further from the truth.

Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party people, ex-CEOs and businessmen-women, bikers, homeless people, college students, Boomers, Gen Xers, and the major unions. They are all there, and nobody cares anymore about voting Republican or Democrat. We are all having trouble finding work, paying off our student loans, paying down our credit card debt. We’ve all lost homes, jobs, careers, and any sense of prosperity and wealth we might have attained or hoped to attain. We’ve been sold out, is how the mantra thunders, and Wall Street got bailed out.

Occupy Wall Street swarms City Hall

Mitt Romney had better get behind this movement, or he will be swallowed up by the masses as they grow in size and intensity and roll across America like a giant wave of boiling water. The people are stirring, they are awake, and they now have nothing left to fall back on.

Arrest us. Beat us. Fight us. Mace us. Where else are we supposed to turn? What are we supposed to do? The real unemployment rate in this country is 16-20 percent.

This isn’t like protesting the Iraq war and then going home. This is protesting unemployment, the housing crisis, the cuts in teaching jobs, cuts in police and fire department funding, in medicare and social security, union busting, and on, and on. Many of us can’t protest and then go back to our homes, or our jobs, or our careers.

Many of us have nothing left. Not even the idea of hope. So yes, Mr Romney, the OWS protests are dangerous, because these days, living in America for the majority of Americans has become dangerous and humiliating.

Al-Assad hired NYPD’s Anthony Bologna to go nuts on Syrian protesters

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