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Obama’s Secret Super Power

October 07
19:16 2011

–Los Angeles
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President Obama had a secret super power that very few Americans knew about. Some presidents can ride horses, and others can snort fat lines of cocaine, but there is only one president that I know of who can kill any American citizen with the snap of his fingers.

It’s a strange super power that Pres Obama has. Deadly, but intriguing. Usually, in our fair country, the United States of America, every citizen is treated to a trial with a jury of his or her peers. What that translates into for Associated Press language, is that each citizen gets a fair shake at justice. You’ve been convicted of murder? Now we’re going to give you the fairest trial we know how to, because it would be a blight on our society to lock you in a cage for the rest of your life if there was any inkling that you might be innocent.

Or so it’s supposed to be. But Barack Obama has this special ability, the kind of wild unhinged super power, that allows him to skip the right of due process for every American citizen. Yes, he can go right around that barrier. Due process might have been an obstacle for presidents and powerful men of olden days, but that will stand in our president’s way no longer.

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You see, Barack Obama has this innate ability to peer into the souls of alleged evildoers, and he can see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether there is serious guilt, or not. That is part of his power, and the next step, if he sees real guilt, is to jump straight to the killing.

This is a good thing, despite what the Left says. At least the Right is on board with this magic trick. They are cheering the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki. Why waste time and money on a trial for an American citizen whom nobody likes? Why not just take him out? Well, we did. Our president did it for us, on our behalf. He snapped his fingers, and a predator drone zipped over the vast spaces of earth to pinpoint the wily Awlaki and his buddy, Ibrahim al-Asiri.

I can think of only two other people with this special ability: Bill O’Reilly and Charles Manson. Powerful men making real decisions. But neither of these men are president, so they are socially undercut, but barely. See O’Reilly the most powerful man in the world, except for the president and Charles Manson

Here’s the beauty of what Obama did. The White House is refusing to offer the serious and convincing evidence of Awlaki’s existence as a legitimate terrorist. The evidence is so grand, that the White House isn’t going to release it. Why should they? Trust them.

Anwar al-Awlaki was a mid-level propagandist at best. That’s dangerous. He wrote fiery manifestos online, so it’s no wonder Obama pulled his magic trick and struck him dead with the thunder of God. Now that Obama has shown us this super power, the news has come to the front of our cultural consciousness that the president has an unelected, bureaucratic committee to decide which Americans should go on the Obama Kill List.

Occupy Los Angeles storms financial district 

Once the president learned he could kill American citizens without consequence, he’s decided to make the most of his magic trick. This means mid-level bloggers who write fiery manifestos had better watch for that glint of silver in the sky because it may just turn out to be a predator drone with a little missile attached to its sleek underbelly. And where that missile drops nobody knows. Except President Obama. It’s his power. He is judge, jury, and executioner.

It would be best if you started calling him King O.

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