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Mitt & Rick: the Definition of

September 08
04:55 2011
I never knew what the word ‘fuckstick’ meant, even though I’d occasionally laughed out loud (lol) from time to time when some crude fellow used the word in a somber public setting. I’ve always imagined a fuckstick to be something erect — taller than wider — and fleshy. With the capacity to become rather rigid.

The tone of the word ‘fuckstick’ is, in my opinion, loud. Too bold. There is ‘swagger’ behind the word. The word makes me imagine a slick haircut. I think ‘million dollar smile’. I’m reminded of snake oil, and elongated, flexible tubes in general. I think grease, and I think water-based lubrication. But I never, ever used the word ‘fuckstick’ because I never, ever use a word I don’t fully understand.

Words are precious. Words piece together our universe. Most theories and conjectures to humanity’s most profound, unanswered questions are expressed in words. And ‘fuckstick’ shouldn’t be one of those words. A godly universe should have no room for the word ‘fuckstick’. But sometimes you are faced with ugly language as barbarous sadistic reality. And sometimes you find yourself staring down the meaning of a word with an absolutely basic, core definition that socks you in the gut. Which is what happened to me tonight.

I don’t care for crude words. They make me blush. But watching the GOP debate between these two

Gage Skidmore

helped me fully understand. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Fucksticks. Fully defined.


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