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Why Is NATO Taking Out Gaddafi & Supporting al-Qaeda Based Rebels?

August 23
00:54 2011

Goldie Taylor writes:

As civilians flocked into Green Square, ready for a new day, a new republic, I am reminded that the real work has only just begun. Tripoli will now enter its “Second Republic” and the rebel coalition, united in defeating Gaddafi, will now have to learn to govern. Fractures will emerge, some unable to shake their loyalties to the megalomaniac. Out of the spigot of chaos will come competing agendas. However, unlike the patriarchal nature of former Presidents Bush, we didn’t get involved in a civil war to “spread democracy” or impose our values on another country. Our intentions were clear. Stop the human rights abuses and give the rebels a fighting chance.

And then, let them govern for themselves.

But I’m still wondering why Obama and the Pentagon were so willing to get involved with stopping human rights abuses in Libya, but not in the other numerous populations of the world that suffer from the same mistreatment at the hands of cruel leaders.

Maybe it’s because the backers of our military conflicts want to get their own hands on Libya’s $6 billion in gold bullion and reserves.

Either way, if you oppose America’s involvement in Libya, and our assistance to the al-Qaeda based rebels that are attacking the Gaddafi regime, then you’re in bed with Muammar. Or so Hillary Clinton implied.
What if you came home to find Gaddafi in your bed?

Glenn Greenwald writes:

But the real toll of this war (including the number of civilian deaths that have occurred and will occur) is still almost entirely unknown, and none of the arguments against the war (least of all the legal ones) are remotely resolved by yesterday’s events.  Shamelessly exploiting hatred of the latest Evil Villain to irrationally shield all sorts of policies from critical scrutiny — the everything-is-justified-if-we-get-a-Bad-Guy mentality — is one of the most common and destructive staples of American political discourse, and it’s no better when done here.

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