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The Beauty of Sports?

August 24
00:50 2011

Continuing our discussion of sports, Juvenal’s famous claim about bread and circuses holding together the crumbling Roman empire, and the controversial use of the word ‘jugheads‘ for most football fans, sticksnballs writes about the beauty of sports:

However sports don’t stop at just love and war, they spread as far and wide as politics. Who would’ve thought it, two elements of life that mix just about as well as oil and vinegar can be stirred into what become monumental statements engraved in the tablets of our minds. Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers, Tommie Smith’s fist, and most recently the Suns’ “Los Suns” jersey.


As politics cross your mind, you may just think about nations as well. How can sports possibly relate to disasters that hit home? The answer: arenas, stadiums and fields become home, literally and figuratively. They become a hideout from the horrors of the real world. The terrorists, the school shootings, the hurricanes, and the earthquakes. No task is too big for sports to overcome.

Never was this more evident than in 2005 when a sea of water littered with bodies, tears, and muddled faces engulfed New Orleans. The superdome, host of multiple sporting events, was now playing host to the people of New Orleans. The walls of the round shaped dome acted as arms in a warm embrace of a child in need of nurturing.

The Saints provided exactly what the residents of the mardigras capital of the world needed. In 2006, coming off of a 3 and 13 record the Saints took the field for the first time in their beloved superdome. Anyone watching, that wasn’t moved by the emotions that filled the entire stadium, was simply a tin man. No one in the NFL could beat the Saints on that night. For that one night, the Saints were New Orleans.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous August 24, 03:03

    There you go! Also needed – Muhammed Ali refusing to be drafted, Paul Robeson, and so many others.

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