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Operation Fullerton — Anonymous Makes Demands

August 15
21:13 2011
From the Huffingon Post:

Self-proclaimed “Anonymous” hackers have justreleased a video threatening the Fullerton Police department with a site-wide shutdown if certain demands aren’t meant. Called “Operation Fullerton,” (#OpFullerton), the hackers are demanding that the officers involved in the beating of homeless man Kelly Thomas be prosecuted, that the Fullerton Police Chief resign, and that $5 million be awarded to Thomas’ family.
If these demands aren’t meant, the hackers threaten to bring down the Fullerton Police Department’s website and destroy all of its communication channels.

After watching the horrifying Kelly Thomas video where police beat and torture a homeless man, I am in full support of retaliation against the Fullerton Police Department until those officers involved in the beating are incarcerated for murder.

For this nation’s own restoration of human rights, every citizen should be appalled by the beating of Thomas and should voice opposition against it.

Why should they be shown mercy when the least among us, a homeless man with a debilitating mental illness, was not shown any by those designated to protect and to serve? The Kelly Thomas video is hard to watch, especially as he screams in pain.


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  1. Brittan
    Brittan August 15, 21:22

    Thank God, that was one of the most horrible things that could happen to a person. To hear the screams of him calling for his dad is heartbreaking.

    Go Anonymous,go.

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  2. Jay
    Jay August 15, 21:41

    It seems that dealing with local law enforcement, is like dealing with a grizzly bear. You have to play dead and don’t move.

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