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He’s Not a Torturer, He’s an Extreme Questioner: The Rumsfeld Torture Lawsuit Upheld

August 08
22:25 2011
Freedom is untidy, Donald Rumsfeld once said about the chaos in Iraq. I’m not sure the 26 million Iraqis felt the same way about their country being invaded by American troops and blown up by missile attacks. But Rumsfeld has always been some kind of political rockstar, and that means he can say really stupid, awful things about very real and dangerous situations.

Now the bastard has been stuck with a very real torture lawsuit by two Americans who claim they were tortured by American forces after they “blew the whistle” on alleged illegal activities done by their contracting company.

From the Huffington Post:

The ruling Monday from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago a rejects arguments that Rumsfeld should be immune from such lawsuits for work performed as a Cabinet secretary.
Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel claim they were tortured in 2006 after blowing the whistle on alleged illegal activities by the contracting company. They say they were subjected to sleep deprivation, blasting music, hunger and various threats.
The lawsuit describes such practices as torture and alleges Rumsfeld personally took part in approving the methods for use by the military in Iraq.

In the spirit of Rumsfeld’s killer linguistic ability, let’s just say that the former Defense Secretary isn’t a torturer, but he is, instead, an extreme questioner. I hope this lawsuit is plenty untidy for Rumsfeld.

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