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Devendra Banhart Is Homeless?

August 16
19:22 2011

One of my favorite singer/songwriters claims he is homeless and couch surfing. One of my good homeless buddies, Johnny, once sang Banhart’s “A Sight to Behold” to 27 innocent bystanders and tourists on Hollywood Blvd.

Devendra says:

Right now, I’m homeless and couch surfing and I don’t have a label. To be honest, I’m pretty broke. But I’m excited about the record I’m writing. I really want it to be nothing like my last four records. I don’t want a stripped-down thing, but something in which me and my producer Noah Georgeson play every instrument. In the past, I had this open-door policy where everyone was invited. And that was awesome, but you end up releasing songs that you don’t really like and justifying it in your head. The last record has so many songs that I hate, and that was a huge lesson, like, “You cannot do that again.”

I also wasn’t very happy with his last record. I’m pleased to hear Banhart will be ‘steering the ship’ for his next musical effort. He’s one of our most talented indie, freak folk musicians, and I love him. See the female Devendra Banhart.

I wonder why he’s broke. Devendra plays all kinds of festivals and concerts. In fact, he just played the Bootleg a month ago. Banhart has written many songs that have turned into ‘hits’. I wouldn’t have expected him to be broke and homeless and couch surfing.

Maybe he spent too much on penis belts and bondage equipment. It’s possible. If you need a place to stay, Banhart, you can stay with me! I mean it.

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