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Right-Wing Extremism a Real Threat to America? Fox News thinks that’s absurd

July 28
18:05 2011
Reports the Huffington Post:

Right-wing extremist activity increased in 2008 and 2009 and has stayed persistent in 2010 and 2011, says former DHS domestic terror analyst Daryl Johnson, who founded a consulting firm that tracks extremist activity. He produced the 2009 report that created a political firestorm after it warned of a surge in right-wing extremism due to the election of the country’s first black president and the economic recession.

Johnson says extremists have been active, with several shootings in the past several months. He says the militia movement “exploded” over the last two years and that groups have been “stockpiling weapons and plotting to kill government officials in Michigan and Alaska.”

“A Norway incident could definitely happen here; the same things that played into the Norway suspect’s mindset are here in this country,” Johnson said. “If anything, extremists are much more capable of committing violent acts here due to their access to weapons and ammunition, which they don’t have in Europe.”

On Fox News, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said the Norway massacre is “…such a godsend to the liberal media.” Peters said just because the Norway killer, Breivik, calls himself a Christian, that doesn’t mean what he did has anything to do with Christian values. Peters went on to say that no Christian church he’d ever attended taught such Breivik-like philosophy.

As if the majority of Islamic centers and mosques teach the hatred shown on 9/11 or of other extremist groups around the world. Watch this silly man explain himself!


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