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Edging Toward Poverty: Income Gains Going Straight to the Top

Berkeley economist Emmanuel Saez found: In 2010 — the first full year since the end of the Great Recession — virtually all of the income growth in America took place among the country’s very

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The Ugly Herman Cain Tax Truth

Stephen Ohlemacher writes: Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan would raise taxes on 84 percent of U.S. households, according to an independent analysis released Tuesday, contradicting claims by the Republican presidential

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Hearts For the Heartless Will Still Be Deductible

Dan Rudy – Portland      This weekend, my dear and dirty fellows, I’ve experienced a bit of an obsession over the 9-9-9 proposal that has become the cornerstone of

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One Take On the Obama Stimulus Plan

FlickrLickr David Brooks writes about Obama’s dear dirty jobs bill: He claimed we can afford future Medicare costs if we raise taxes on the rich. He repeated the old half-truth

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Obama On the Warpath – What Is a Liberal?

Obama is finally starting to become the gangster Bill Maher used to talk about. Maher would say he wished Obama

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America’s Credit Rating Expected to be Downgraded by Standard & Poor’s

Jake Tapper writes: A government official tells ABC News that the federal government is expecting and preparing for bond rating agency

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