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An Army on Every Streetcorner

    An Army on Every Streetcorner

DAN RUDY Howdy hey, fellow dear and dirty readers! In case it’s not already marked on your calendars, law enforcement agencies around the nation will be inviting the communities in

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UC Berkeley PD’s New Anti-Dissent Mobile

Picture from Reclaim UC Look at this big bastard. Covered in armor. With SHERIFF stamped on the side like God Almighty did the stencil work. Who the hell is the

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Surveillance Society: One Nation Under CCTV

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland A few years ago a relative of mine stopped his car in the centre of one of our larger towns. He had seen a man collapse in

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The Sneaking Militarisation of Police

MICHAEL J BLAIR Blairgowrie, Scotland Credit: Dave Morris For many years I have watched many public riots take place. Not only here in Britain, but in the USA. One thing that stands out

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