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Monitoring Twitter for Law Enforcement Purposes: More Bullshit from Our Keepers

P. Solomon Banda writes: The wave of uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East that have overturned three governments in the past year have prompted the U.S. government to

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Raising Political Consciousness

Cornel West talks with Amy Goodman about Occupy Wall Street: We’re talking about a democratic awakening. We’re talking about raising political consciousness, so it spills over; all parts of the

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Lack of Definition for Occupy Wall Street Not A Disqualifier

Peter S. Goodman writes: But that lack of definition to the agenda is no disqualifier. Indeed, it may be a source of strength and inclusion, as well as an indication

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Student Debt Bubble

Kit From Truth Dig: In the aftermath of the stock market failure of 2008, another type of economic bubble is swelling: student debt. And it’s no surprise, since Congress has

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Occupy Wall Street: the NYPD Mace Freak

Remember that Occupy Wall Street video that shows an NYPD supervisor shooting mace into the eyes of peaceful, innocent female

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Occupy Wall Street Live FDL Blog: Bloomberg & His NYPD Thugs Become Violent

From Kevin Gosztola’s live blogging of the Occupy Wall Street escapade: The first instance of police making mass arrests of

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Wall Street Still Occupied, Despite NYPD Brutality — Where is the Huffington Post On This?

Rich Summers Joe Macaré writes: The occupation of Zuccotti Park (a.k.a. Liberty Plaza Park) in Lower Manhattan, New York City,

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What You’ll Find at Occupy Wall Street Rally

David Shankbone Nathan Schneider writes: At the center of occupied Liberty Plaza, a dozen or so huddle around computers in

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Occupy Wall Street – Live from Zuccotti Park

As hordes of angry people descend on Wall Street tonight, Dear Dirty America has sent Marlin, a long time friend

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Occupy Wall Street Live Stream

Dear Dirty America sent our good buddy and wheat grass juice fanatic, Marlin, to the Occupy Wall Street campaign. He

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