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The wrath of God, or Carry on blowing!

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland   As storms lash Washington DC, I hope the politicians are aware of the irony of the situation. They use God’s name to prove how

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Romney Fires Back At Obama’s Comments: "Well, He’s A N-gger"

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE OHIO — Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took his blunt criticisms of President Obama to a new level this morning when he reportedly called his White House

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MoveOn’s Top Secret New Method For Higher Progressive Voter Turnout

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles I received a spine-tingling email from MoveOn about a new method to drive progressive voters to the polls in record breaking droves. The method is

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A Real Decision 2012

JEFF NEUMAN For a growing number of jilted Americans, 2012 might go down as the year they make the most important decision of their lives. As you may suspect, it

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Obama Asks Wall Street to Slow Donations, Needs Time to Sort the Cash

Dear Dirty Newswire WASHINGTON — President Obama made an informal plea to Wall Street asking them to temporarily slow their

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Obama’s Flush With Dirty Cash

I met an older man in the restroom of the college I teach at. I’d never seen him before, but

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Anybody But Obama 2012! ctd

By Austin Wayne Luebke Amman, Jordan He ain’t worth it. My friend Alexander Cockburn tells you so: There are plenty

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Anybody But Obama 2012!

BY AUSTIN WAYNE LUEBKE Amman, Jordan And by anybody I mean Ron Paul. For all you leftists and self-identified progressives

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Are You Voting for Obama in 2012? ctd

Anonymous commented: You are nutz. Well, I agree, but unfortunately, I think everyone else is just as nuts as I

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Are You Voting for Obama in 2012?

Carlos Latuff Don Smith commented on a Washington Liberals poll: For me it’s a toss-up between “Yes, bad” and “Not

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