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Anybody But Obama 2012!

BY AUSTIN WAYNE LUEBKE Amman, Jordan And by anybody I mean Ron Paul. For all you leftists and self-identified progressives who intend to throw support behind Obama come 2012 you

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? ctd

Anonymous comments: If Revelations is a metaphor, because vision is just that, then I think we’re looking at it all wrong. I think we’ve got all this backwards, lol. We’ve

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Alex Jones for President!

Alex Jones A reader emailed me an exuberant one-liner in response to the blog post Ron Paul the Antichrist? The sentence: Alex Jones for president! I think that’s a fair call.

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The Left Behind Series for Domestic Psychopaths

In reaction to the journalistic integrity prevalent in my “Ron Paul is the Antichrist?” piece, a reader writes: Yeah, you sure did treat these people fairly. The reader can all

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Disappearing Ron Paul ctd

Steve Kornacki argues the lack of Ron Paul coverage after he nearly tied for first place with Bachmann (the Queen

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? ctd

Brittan comments: That was too funny, lmao.”You know, I told them, he used to be a fringe candidate, and now

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? Paranoia from a small meeting in Los Angeles

The Antichrist. The son of perdition. The beast. The great deceiver. Ron Paul? Republican presidential candidate? I’d only heard him

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