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It’s Too Bad

Credit: David Shankbone a predator drone couldn’t be called in to drop a few Hellfire missiles into the mass of cops clubbing and stuffing protesters at Zuccotti Park into the

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Lt John Pike Offers Statement to Occupiers: I Use Pepper Spray as Hot Sauce

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREDAVIS, CA — Late Monday night, UC Davis Lt John Pike, offered a statement to the world about his actions Friday. Pike came to fame after videos showed

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Pitying the NYPD: the assault on Liberty Plaza

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE National Correspondent Los Angeles, CaliforniaTo watch NYPD officers trash Zuccotti Park late last night forced me to light a fragrant candle and six sticks of high-powered incense,

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You knew your American Dream was destroyed

but it’s probably good to watch it live. From Huffington Post: Al Jazeera: Police scanner:

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No Honor In Beating U.S. Citizens

Watching Sgt Shamar Thomas lose his patience with the NYPD is one of the most striking videos I’ve seen come

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Massive March from Occupy Los Angeles

[UPDATE]: from Occupy LA Today (Mon, Oct. 3rd): At 4:00pm, we meet at City Hall for a bank protest with

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Spit Take

Dan Rudy – Portland So my weekend was fairly low-key:  a couple of beers over a sour stomach, a bit of

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Occupy Wall Street Live FDL Blog: Bloomberg & His NYPD Thugs Become Violent

From Kevin Gosztola’s live blogging of the Occupy Wall Street escapade: The first instance of police making mass arrests of

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Wall Street Still Occupied, Despite NYPD Brutality — Where is the Huffington Post On This?

Rich Summers Joe Macaré writes: The occupation of Zuccotti Park (a.k.a. Liberty Plaza Park) in Lower Manhattan, New York City,

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