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A Peace Prize Like A Millstone

    A Peace Prize Like A Millstone

Most people like to be rewarded for their efforts. Most people like to receive a prize. Yet some prizes must turn into a goddamned nuisance, like President Barack Obama’s Nobel

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If Bradley Manning Is Guilty, Then George W Bush Should Be Sitting In A Tiny Prison Cell

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles< I supported Bradley Manning in 2010 when he was first suspected of leaking sensitive government documents. Manning's name was little known at the time, and

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Americans Led Like Labotomised Chimps, A View from a Scot

Michael J Blair   Perthshire , Scotland This is a look at how we in the UK view American foreign and domestic policy. I will try not to touch on

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Faux News Poll: Anders Behring Breivik World’s Sexiest Terrorist

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE A Faux News poll released Tuesday afternoon showed the network’s viewers voted Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik as the world’s sexiest terrorist. He stomped the competition with

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