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Herman Cain Desires New Beginnings with Wig

Dear Dirty NewswireHerman Cain’s rise to the top of the GOP presidential race contenders was short-lived. After multiple women came forward and claimed Cain had sexually harassed them, it was

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Newt Gingrich Does Truffle Shuffle, Surges In Polls

Dear Dirty Newswire[UPDATE] FCC bans Gingrich Truffle Shuffle video. Committee president says calls it “nightmarish and offensive.” IOWA — Newt Gingrich has been having an uphill battle gaining support for his

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If You Aren’t Rich, and Women Don’t Like You, It’s Your Fault!

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE, NATL Correspondent, Los Angeles”It’s Thanksgiving and no girls like me because I have to wear this goddamned costume every day. It’s the only job I can get,”

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Pitying the NYPD: the assault on Liberty Plaza

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE National Correspondent Los Angeles, CaliforniaTo watch NYPD officers trash Zuccotti Park late last night forced me to light a fragrant candle and six sticks of high-powered incense,

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American Politics in the Toilet

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Natl Correspondent Los Angeles, CaliforniaDear Dirty America is mostly concerned with nasty, dirty politics, and the repugnant

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The Ugly Herman Cain Tax Truth

Stephen Ohlemacher writes: Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan would raise taxes on 84 percent of U.S. households, according to an

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Hearts For the Heartless Will Still Be Deductible

Dan Rudy – Portland      This weekend, my dear and dirty fellows, I’ve experienced a bit of an obsession

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