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Karl Rove Henchmen Thought to Be Behind Gingrich Castration

Dear Dirty NewswireIOWA — Newt Gingrich has allegedly checked into an undisclosed hospital in Iowa after Karl Rove’s henchmen cut off the GOP candidate’s testicles late Saturday evening. The details

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Herman Cain Desires New Beginnings with Wig

Dear Dirty NewswireHerman Cain’s rise to the top of the GOP presidential race contenders was short-lived. After multiple women came forward and claimed Cain had sexually harassed them, it was

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Rick Perry’s Drunken Speech: Like a Reincarnated, Nervous Nixon

The political pundits and commentators keep saying this speech is bizarre, but I couldn’t believe it was as bad as they were saying until I watched it. If you have

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? ctd

Brittan comments: That was too funny, lmao.”You know, I told them, he used to be a fringe candidate, and now he’s mainstream. That’s a solid sign of the Antichrist.” Classic!

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? Paranoia from a small meeting in Los Angeles

The Antichrist. The son of perdition. The beast. The great deceiver. Ron Paul? Republican presidential candidate? I’d only heard him

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Rick Perry Is George W Bush…On Steroids…Don’t Forget

Jonathan Blundell Rick Perry looks like George W Bush. He smells like George W Bush. Perry prays like Bush, and

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