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Metalheads Everywhere Upset About Hatebreed’s Sloppy Use of Word ‘Decimated’

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE  Who would have thought metal fans would be so particular when it came to lyrics from their favorite hardcore, death metal bands? One man is out to

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Rev Al Sharpton Suffers Two Broken Legs After Being Lifted Halfway To Heaven & Dropped

ASSOCIATED PULP LOS ANGELES — In what some are calling a display of the end of times, and what others are labeling a botched modern day Elijah story, reports have

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North Dakota vs Texas: Who Will Be the First to Shoot Down A Domestic Drone?

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE BISMARCK, ND — After a misleading news article title out of Texas, published at the popular alternative news site, Infowars, about the first spy drones having been shot

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Russian Navy Ship Named After Famous Writer Stubbornly Refuses Trip to Syria

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE The Russians are becoming more involved in Syria as Bashar Assad’s future becomes more questionable. From a trusted news source: Two Russian navy ships are completing preparations

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Snoozing Biden Wakes & Saves Obama’s DREAM Act Speech by Picking Off Boisterous Chirping Bird

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE WASHINGTON, DC — Skeptics of the Obama administration are calling Biden’s solution to a seemingly trivial problem

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New Bathroom Facility for Los Angeles Homeless To Be Giant Sandbox

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE A much smaller blueprint of the planned facility LOS ANGELES — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Tuesday afternoon

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America & China’s Quest for Archaic Alchemy Secret

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE   WASHINGTON, DC — America’s Chinese ambassador Mao Fuhzi and State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton had the

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Queen Elizabeth II Confirmed Cannibal

  Queen Elizabeth II Confirmed Cannibal

(see the companion article, Improvements in health the reason Queen Elizabeth II feasts on young blood) WINDSOR CASTLE — Known as

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Impaled Pigeon Gives LA Fire Dept Chance to Redeem Response Times

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE LOS ANGELES — Witnesses are commending local police and fire departments on a job well done Friday

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Young Iraqis Send Ailing Dick Cheney Online Get Well Soon Message from Baghdad

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Iraqi boys, from 2003, just before Baghdad was bombed, now as young men wishing Dick Cheney a

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