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Man Shits Pants & Sends Underwear to Obama

    Man Shits Pants & Sends Underwear to Obama

A man in Koreatown, Los Angeles is claiming to be behind the rapidly spreading protestation that includes willfully shitting your pants and then sending the dirty underwear to President Obama.

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Housing & Feeding A Congressman Bill Passes

Dear Dirty NewswireA bill called “Housing & Feeding A Senator” passed a Senate vote 93-7 today. The bill would mandate any American household to house and feed any congressman if

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The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson Reported Creeping Around White House

Dear Dirty NewswireWASHINGTON — Never have conservatives and Tea Party types been so enthused to hear the strange report coming out of Washington. An anonymous Secret Service agent spoke out

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Rolls Royce Hits Back at DDA: No Free RRs in Heaven

Dear Dirty NewswireLONDON — In a statement issued over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, Rolls Royce headquarters demanded that leftist blog, Dear Dirty America, retract its article giving readers the idea

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US Dept of Health Asks TSA to Check for Testicular Cancer While "Down There"

Dear Dirty NewswireWASHINGTON — Many American travelers have decried the TSA’s right to scan images of their bodies and do

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FCC Bans Newt Gingrich Truffle Shuffle Video: "Nightmarish and offensive"

Dear Dirty NewswireThe viral video of Newt Gingrich doing the Truffle Shuffle at an Iowa town hall meeting early this

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Queen of England Takes on New, Surprising Responsibility

  Queen of England Takes on New, Surprising Responsibility

The Queen of England’s spokesperson made a wild statement to a small group of friends and family today that her

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