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VISA Black Card Offer: From Pauper to VIP

    VISA Black Card Offer: From Pauper to VIP

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE qualified human I’ve lived the life of a pauper for a reason. I like it. Well, most days I like it. And the alternative is worse. The

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Sell Your Gold Now! America’s Propensity for Voluntary Enslavement

MAYA BORNSTEIN Credit: Betty Longbottom The notion of freedom may seem innocuous and simple, but this is not so. Thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Rudolph Steiner (and you can’t leave

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I Am Jack’s Inflated Credit Card Debt

MAYA BORNSTEIN Credit: Brendan Mruk Shamans believe that in order to rise from an ordinary human state into a higher realm, the spirit must essentially die, allowing a new essence to

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Huffington Post & the Offensive Capital One Credit Card Advertisement

UPDATE [ The Huffington Post website outlay is no longer surrounded by a Capital One advertisement. Thankfully.]Right now the Huffington Post website is bedecked with Capital One advertisement that borders

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