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Chronic Depression Solved With Vitamin B & Tagore

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Denver, Colorado CAR WRECK SERIES, 9: CHRONIC DEPRESSION SOLVED WITH VITAMIN B & TAGORE There’s little worse in life than chronic depression. David Foster Wallace described it

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Over the Hills & Through Smoke Hazed Prairies

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Colorado CAR WRECK SERIES, 8: OVER THE HILLS & THROUGH SMOKE HAZED PRAIRIES I’m on the first part of my lag back to Los Angeles from North

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ND Oil Patch: Men Need Servicing As Much As Their Machines Do

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Dickinson, North Dakota CAR WRECK SERIES 7: “MEN NEED SERVICING AS MUCH AS THEIR MACHINES DO” The only food item McDonald’s offers that I can eat is

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Marring My Clean Slate With A Tin-Can Rental Car

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Barney, North Dakota CAR WRECK SERIES 4: MARRING MY CLEAN SLATE WITH A RENTAL CAR (editor’s note: I was grossly off-topic with the first six paragraphs, but

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