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In Heaven They Give Out Rolls Royces for Free

    In Heaven They Give Out Rolls Royces for Free

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE, NATL Correspondent, Los Angeles, California I have written three times about Bristol Farms. The recent third time has been the most significant, and the article created ripples

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Some Michael Jackson Fans Need Lives

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE National Correspondent Los Angeles, CaliforniaOr lovers. Or jobs. But there are no jobs left in America, so forget about that. Dr Conrad Murray, a name that will

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The Thoroughness of a Good Whore: Buying Into What’s Left of America

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles, CaliforniaYesterday, I met a small-framed man with a red bandanna tied around his shaggy gray hair. His skin was tanned to leather. He fit the

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Catching A Cougar (Even When You Don’t Want To)

She came out of nowhere. Materialized as I was taking my coffee in Beverly Hills. Not an unattractive female, had she been more pleasant-minded, but right away she stood over

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Listening to Beyonce’s Music Backward

Caught in the middle of this twisted political atmosphere, I can’t help but find some kind of solace in music

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Straighten Up, You Pussy! – Men Aren’t Men Anymore

Jake McClain writes: Go back in time and remember how men were portrayed. The Cary Grants, the Clark Gables, the

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Hubert Humdinger — Infamous Cultural Philosopher & Pariah Psychologist

Beyond silence I oftentimes quote Hubert Humdinger (pronounced hum-din-jer) when reporting on serious cultural events. Humdinger is one of the

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Devendra Banhart Is Homeless?

Eggo123 One of my favorite singer/songwriters claims he is homeless and couch surfing. One of my good homeless buddies, Johnny,

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The Female Devendra Banhart

Johanna Abzug I’ve been obsessed with Devendra Banhart since 2004. His warbling voice and good looks intrigued me from the

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? Paranoia from a small meeting in Los Angeles

The Antichrist. The son of perdition. The beast. The great deceiver. Ron Paul? Republican presidential candidate? I’d only heard him described as the great Libertarian. These were all phrases thrown

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