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Welcome to Dear Dirty America. This is a bi-weekly column (sometimes more) about society, politics, and people (some of them famous, some of them homeless).

Also posted once a week are poems and short fiction pieces from a few of my favorite, off-the-beaten-path writers, like John Bennett, Eric Chaet, and Donald O’Donovan.

The blog was founded in July 2011, after my other platform, Associated Content, which changed to Yahoo! Voices decided they didn’t like my sort of satire.

The name Dear Dirty America is taken from the “windy journalism” chapter, “Aeolus” in Ulysses, where one headline proclaims DEAR DIRTY DUBLIN. How fitting for the state of our nation, I thought.

You’ll notice the main menu options:

News / Politics These posts vary from commentary and ranting to objective journalism about current news and politics.

Dear Dirty America is the section for the overtly subjective essays about politics, culture, and society. They may include, but not necessarily, defaming remarks about the Queen of England, Kim Kardashian, and the president of the United States, as well as other people, famous and infamous, like Hubert Humdinger.

L.A. / Society holds the articles centered in Los Angeles and/or focused on an aspect of American society.

Literature is a category of posts that simply introduce meaningful snippets and passages from books and online articles, and sometimes speculation accompanies those outside passages.

Fiction & Poetry features the artists and writers that are currently influencing me. The posts in this section are all reprinted with permission from the authors.

Associated Pulp is the surreal, mostly satirical newswire that spits out unbelievable headlines about popular culture, politics, and society. Hubert Humdinger handed down the clunky device, and he warned me, “The damn thing will go off in the middle of the night, printing sloppy, inky pages. Sometimes, it prints gold. Be sure to keep it filled with ink and paper.”

Like the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told us about how he answers questions concerning surveillance of American citizens, so to does Associated Pulp print out not wholly truthful articles. That doesn’t mean they are completely fake. The details may be mixed and mashed, but the principles are as true as ever.

Thank you for visiting DDA. Leave a comment. Send me an email. Distribute or reprint the articles (linking back to this site, please). Or submit your own content if you think it would be a good fit.



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