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Monstrous World, Wonderful People

Monstrous World, Wonderful People
October 17
20:18 2021


Would people from past civilisations think our society, up to the end of of 2019, was something unimaginably horrendous to them?

I’m leaving the last two years out, because everyone would agree that they aren’t representative of our society.

If we time travelled back to what we have been told was our history, would we be appalled at the conditions in which people lived?

The stories of disease and poverty combined with being under the rule of feudal law, do not sound like a lot of fun, but moving forward in the situation we are being faced with, doesn’t sound very different from the history we have been taught.

But the life we had until The Great Lie appeared wasn’t all milk and honey.

The grip of the banking institutions and their manipulation of interest rates and home repossession, had a very detrimental effect on the lives of millions of people.

The change from one working parent to both working in order to feed, clothe, and keep a home running, put huge strain on relationships. Divorce became commonplace, whereas when l was growing up, divorce was quite unusual.

Of course, changes in the law made divorce easier for people to get out of abusive relationships, but also allowed people to divorce for far more trivial reasons.

The advent of the pervasive shadow of the pharmaceutical industry creeping into government policies, has had a very negative impact on everyone’s life except for those who invested in them and their unlawful actions.

The more we look at what we called “normal”, the more we see that it was far from a good way of life for the majority of the global population. But for the greed of the multinational corporations, grinding poverty across the world could be alleviated very quickly.

So someone from a past civilisation, looking in on what we described as our normal lives, could possibly think that they wouldn’t want to live in such a society. And I would not blame them.

The arrogance of believing that despite the fact that the planet is billions of years old, the current human civilisation is the only one ever on earth, is mind boggling.

Even distinguished historians and archaeologists, when confronted with evidence of previous types of civilisations, are unable to see past what they have been taught throughout their academic lives.

They cannot conceive that everything they know, is in many cases, wrong. They have university degrees and are looked up to by students and other gullible people, so how can they possibly be wrong? It’s inconceivable to them.

The possibility that they themselves have been taught to believe a huge lie, cannot be faced. This is like the people who are unshakeable in their belief that they are going to die if they don’t follow the government propaganda on the virus and vaxx.

So called experts in many fields have been brainwashed by school teachers and university tutors and lecturers who have had the same thing done to them. Once this has been done over a few generations, whatever came before is officially gone.

The question is, why would a society want to blank out previous history and spend huge amounts of time changing what came before?

What would be wrong about being historically accurate?

In the short term history of the planet, it’s possible that people lived in more harmony than our rulers would like us to know.

What if people had free electrical power? Or a transport system which ran on this free power?

An international transport system by airship is something which l believe was around for a considerable length of time.

If these things existed, l can see why our global masters would want to hide the truth from us.

How much more is hidden because it does not suit the purposes of the evil cartel which is attempting to make slaves of the public right now?

Going back to my first paragraph, l seriously doubt that anyone from another part of history would want to land in the society we lived in up to 2020.

What we had seemed better than our ancestors had, but it really wasn’t. There has to be a balance between convenience and compassion and that was lost long before 2020.

I believe that a reset of decent humanity will be the end result of the current upheaval, but it will not be a pleasant journey.

We can’t afford, spiritually, to go back to the the end of 2019 and the rule of the bankers.

We must have a society which values the wisdom of the elders and preserves the innocence of children.

The present cloud of evil has to be blown away once and for all. The power of the pharmaceutical industry must be neutered and politically must be limited.

A police force which serves and protects the public, instead of serving global powers, has to be reintroduced. We cannot again have scenes where a paramilitary force is violently attacking peaceful protesters.

The justice system has to be changed to serve the public instead of serving the politicians and their cronies. Corruption must be tackled and shown that it isn’t necessary in a decent society.

Government secret documents and archives must be made public in order to start anew with a clean slate. Trust must be regained. Official secrecy will be a thing of the past as it will not be necessary.

There will be much to be done, but if we want future generations to live good and honest lives without fear, it will be worth the effort.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[free image by Roberto Lee Cortes from Pixabay]


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  1. Charles Frith
    Charles Frith October 19, 09:47

    We’ve been raised in a world that isn’t good for humans. It isn’t run by humans in my estimation.

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