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Industrial Revolution and Fear

Industrial Revolution and Fear
September 29
11:34 2021


We are frequently told by media that we are preparing for the 4th industrial revolution, and that it is inevitable that our lives as we know them are going to change forever.

This obviously induces fear and trepidation in many people, because they have always known this familiar lifestyle, and change is generally gradual.

Their lives are pretty well mapped out from birth to old age, unless they are one of the unfortunate people who, for a variety of reasons, die before they get old.

Family, school, maybe university or a job, marriage, a home and children of their own, grandchildren and retirement. All very familiar to people for the last hundred years or so.

Most people can know only of the life they have lived and don’t really think about how their parents, grandparents, or great grandparents lived.

My first memories are when I was around five and going to school for the first time. Before that, is just a blank. Obviously I existed for five years before then, but 1960 is my benchmark for my existence.

We all tend to take our existence for granted and don’t consider what came before. History at school is taught about times no one alive can testify to the truth of the lessons.

We have to believe that what we are told about ancient battles and a variety of colourful kings and queens is true, because it is written in a textbook.

Do we have absolute proof that any of these stories are in any way accurate?

If this history is questioned, we are told that archaeological finds prove this truth, but archaeology isn’t necessarily accurate, and any counter arguments or evidence is derided by scholars as nonsense and not scientific.

Archaeology is part of the establishment and anything which goes against their opinions is regarded as bunkum.

The reason l have veered down this avenue is that if the last 18 months has shown us anything, it has shown that history, and I include the history of the future, is written by the people who have controlled the human agenda for centuries.

How did the people in the north and midlands of England feel when they were literally herded into cities from the country where they were previously farm labourers?

I know this didn’t happen overnight, but it happened fairly rapidly in “historic” terms.

The industrial revolution of the late 18th and 19th centuries must have come as a terrible shock to the people who were displaced. They must have been terrified at the prospect of having their lives turned upside down by forces over which they had no control.

One day they’re working in real life cottage industries and before they get a chance to figure out what is happening, their crafts have been taken over by machines and if they want to earn a living, they have to move in the cities and the dark satanic mills.

Those who stayed in the general area of where they had lived, would have been in the huge number of coal mines needed to propel the huge numbers of new industries appearing across the country.

Children had to work from an early age in order to supplement the household income. They got little education, which suited the people in charge. An uneducated population is easily controlled.

These children, if born after the move, will in all probability have no recollection of their parents’ past. The parents, or many of them, would have died young from mill accidents or disease, and unable to pass on their own version of history.

As usual, we only have the version of history which was written by the people who have always directed our lives.

Looking back at what we know, the 1st industrial revolution was a relatively sudden, massive upheaval for millions of people.

I think that in the time between then and the present, we have seen a rapid change in the way people live and work, but nothing to match the speed at which people’s lives changed during that time.

We still have internal combustion engines propelling the vast majority of our personal transport. Television is still television albeit with many more bells and whistles than in the 1930’s. The telephone has changed into a multi-functional device, but the same version as the original is still in use.

Now we are being told that there is to be a 4th industrial revolution. But despite having a look for the 2nd and 3rd, they weren’t really huge revolutions. They were more organic in nature and evolved fairly slowly until the last decade, when technology seems to have been let loose without the reins being held.

What is being planned for the next two decades is so mind-bogglingly dangerous to humanity, it is almost impossible to fully comprehend.

If we can’t stop what is happening now, whoever is left after the vaxx purge will be likely to be young people who will be constantly be under surveillance by the State, and within a generation the public will have no recollection of what came before or why life is the way it is to them.

The history of the next twenty years has already been written and it will not be what we are living through. Our lives will be wiped off the record as if we had never existed.

It is up to those of us still able to think for ourselves, to make sure that this already written history is shredded and dumped with its authors in a large hole in the ground.

Let us be the people who write the history of these dark times.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels]


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