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The Freedom of Choice: Time Will Tell

The Freedom of Choice: Time Will Tell
November 18
09:30 2020


This afternoon, 17th November, the First Dictator of Scotland decided that 11 council areas will be moved into a more strict level of restriction due to nothing whatsoever to do with science, health or anything except vindictiveness.

Small businesses which had been recovering from the previous restrictions and readying themselves for the pre-Christmas rush, now find themselves being closed again from Friday.

Apparently they will be able to open again on the 11th of December, just in time for Christmas.

The businesses being closed are considered by the First Midget, to be non-essential. This is one of the most ridiculous statements she has come up with since March.

Every small and medium sized business is essential to their customers, staff, and owners. Barber shops. Hairdressers. Beauty salons. Gyms. These are essential to the well-being of the public.

Closing cafés, restaurants and other social hubs is a direct attack on the population of cities, towns, and villages throughout the country.

This is criminal behaviour by a megalomaniac, who is now in such personal and political trouble, she has resorted to overruling her own criteria on when areas should be moved into a higher level of restriction, in order to shift attention from her own problems.

Meanwhile, back in Westminster, Boris Johnson has disappeared. The story is that he came into contact with someone who later tested positive for the coronalie virus, and he has had to self isolate for two weeks.

This is very strange, as he was supposed to have “nearly died” from being struck down by the coronalie in April.

Apparently he has no symptoms, and is as “fit as a butcher’s dog”, but is self isolating anyway.

The truth probably is that he is surplus to requirements, and has been isolated by his masters to stop him talking shite in public for a couple of weeks.

Or perhaps this is just another fear mongering piece of propaganda to prove that people can get coronalie virus more than once. If so, then a vaccine isn’t going to be any use to the general population.

Speaking of vaccines, there has been a huge effort on social media to demonise anyone who dares to question the efficiency of a vaccine which has been rushed onto the market for a condition of which there is a 99.6% recovery rate, and which is only deadly to people who are older than the average age of death in the UK.

Vaccine “deniers” is an expression being used by the government propaganda mouthpieces pretending to be real Twitter or Facebook accounts. According to them, these vaccines are cuddly and friendly. Why would anyone be sceptical?

l believe in freedom of choice when it comes to almost anything. lf l’m willing to take a reasoned decision on what l would like inserted into my body, my choice should be respected. At the same time, if someone else has weighed up all the pros and cons, then decides the vaccine is right for them, l’m happy to let them take that chance.

But given that this particular vaccine is completely different to any previous vaccine, and it is basically untested, unlicensed and experimental, my choice is to not give my assent to have it.

This is how freedom of choice works. Not by being coerced. Not by fear. Not by compulsion. And not by blackmail.

Want to travel abroad? Yes, but only if your vaccination passport is up to date. We will also need a vaccine passport to use public facilities. Libraries or swimming pools.

If this is the case, then we will be under the control of government until we grow three heads, turn bright yellow and expire. Or perhaps explode.

No one seems to be prepared to tell us exactly what the ingredients of the coronalie virus vaccine will be.

l may be out on a limb here, but I think we can be sure it will not be something soft and cuddly.

As l said, freedom of choice is the issue. l will never deny anyone the choice to have someone stick anything they want into their bodies, as long as it doesn’t impinge upon others.

l would hope other people, government politicians, etcetera, would respect my right not to have someone stick something into my body, which l don’t choose to have done.

Will the First Grinch allow Christmas to take place?

Will we all become zombies and do exactly what the politicians say, like the SNP or Boris Johnson supporters, or will we decide to say no, and be free to make our own decisions?

Time will tell.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels]

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