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Idiot Soup: Battle of the Ancient Dodderers

Idiot Soup: Battle of the Ancient Dodderers
November 01
18:04 2020


If my mind hadn’t been so preoccupied by the lunacy of the “virus” circus, I would have probably have written something on the US election.

But as the said election is looming, here is my take on the recent events and the rest of madness.

Amazingly, it isn’t so long ago there seemed to be a cast of thousands wanting to be the Democratic candidate for this upcoming election. And then suddenly there was one.

If I had made a prediction for the person to eventually to be picked, I would never have had Joe Biden in the last fifty. What happened to the contest? Where did the rest of the candidates go?

Were they induced to retire from the fray or were they abducted by the alien craft which dropped off the embalmed looking Biden?

He certainly has the look of someone who has had some kind of alien probing.

On a more serious note, should two geriatrics really be vying for the leadership of the largest militarised country on the planet?

In most countries, people of this age are retired and unable to cause the destruction of the planet. But in the USA, this battle of the ancient dodderers doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary.

I’m fully aware of the wisdom of age, but when neither candidate can tell which day of the week it is, or the name of the person they are addressing, this seems to be a few years too far.

I remember thinking that Trump was out of his depth and unable to deal with the complexities of high office, but then Biden was chosen to be the Democratic candidate. He is probably the least apt person to be put in this very high pressure position.

There can only one reason for his being chosen, and that is he will be either easily manipulated, or more likely a figurehead who will be literally wheeled out occasionally to do some ceremonial duties.

His vice presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, is very obviously not his choice. He probably would have gone for Daffy Duck.

But all this hinges on his winning the election. This is not the slam dunk the US media will have the public believe, and if you remember, they predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton four years ago, and look what happened.

When the original large Democratic line up of perspective candidates appeared, I thought this was a great opportunity to see some new people with some exciting ideas, who were more or less unexposed to the American and global media, to come to the fore.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought fresh faces and fresh thinking would be ideal to challenge Trump for the presidency. Really a made-for-television debate dream. The young establishment pretender against the older and unpredictable incumbent.

But the people behind the Democratic scenes obviously didn’t want someone who might have a mind of their own, to be their representative in the race. Instead they chose Biden, who ten years previously, would probably have made a halfway decent candidate

You may be wondering why I’m focusing on Biden and the Democrats, but we all know what Trump is all about.

The American public has had four years of his eccentric and frenetic presidency, and there is really nothing new to report.

However, the Democrats have publicly stated that they will not concede the election regardless of the width of any Trump victory. This makes them much more interesting to discuss. There has been talk of their taking the White House by force and removing President Trump physically.

Now the world is in a horrible mess at the moment, but if the Democrats are seriously considering a military coup against a democratically elected President, all bets will be off.

If that happens, the fate of the entire world will be in the hands of an illegitimate and unelected cabal in the USA and the control freak Chinese Communist government.

Now, that’s my doomsday scenario, which isn’t likely to happen, but it’s a possibility.

What is more likely to happen will be an unseemly squabble about how the votes were counted and a stand off, with Trump claiming to be the legitimate winner of the election, and the Democrats claiming the opposite, which will end up going to the Supreme Court for a decision.

That decision is likely to be made in Trump’s favour due to the make up of the Supreme Court judges, and that is why I mentioned the possibility of the military coup against the President.

It’s going to be a very ugly election, which could drag on in uncertainty for weeks, but I just hope there is a clear majority, and there is no need for anything drastic to take place.

As the media polls put Biden well ahead, my money, if I had any, would be on another four years of Trump.

I haven’t mentioned the “virus” in relation to the election, because I don’t think it will be much of a factor in the result.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo]

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