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A Revolution Against the World

A Revolution Against the World
October 11
18:06 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

If this complete change is to be for the benefit of the world, why not just do it with the consent of the public rather than against the public?

So, we have to assume that the reason this is happening via a “virus pandemic” is because it is definitely not going to be in the best interest of the public.

Generally if something was going to be used to make our lives better, we would be assailed by positive messages and advertising, telling us about the great benefits. But I haven’t been aware of any positive news at all during the last seven months.

One might imagine that politicians and their tame media stooges would have found something positive to say when it was obvious that the “virus risk” had lessened. Once again, nothing positive.

In fact if anything, the message was even more negative.

“A second wave” was predicted before the first one had knocked on the door. It was so obvious that we were being taken for fools, I’m surprised that more people didn’t catch on earlier.

This relentless negativity has caused formally stable people to reach a point in their lives where they decided that they didn’t want to be here any longer, and took their own lives.

This campaign has been designed to do exactly what it has done. Push people to the very edge of their sanity and nudge them over. Some people who were vulnerable prior to the great human experiment, have shown amazing courage to fight on and find the strength to take on the politicians.

Great stress can have the effect of destruction or defiance. Many people have decided that defiance helps them cope, but many have succumbed to the effects of what they have been put through.

Given that mental health services throughout the UK and probably elsewhere, had been run down or simply disappeared in the last few years, has obviously not been a coincidence.

Preventing people from accessing mental health services was a deliberate political choice and policy.

Every single thing that has happened since February of this year, has been planned for decades. Nothing has been left to chance.

If anyone wonders why politicians don’t listen to scientists from outside their one bubble, it’s because they don’t have to.

They know what they are doing, and nothing anyone says or writes, about the obvious flaws in the government science, will change the way they are going.

The plan to vaccinate the population of the planet sounds like something out of a science fiction film, but the longer this goes on, it is becoming a science fact.

We have to try to change the direction of the globalists’ insanity, but I don’t see it being easy.

There are always going to be changes in the way we live our lives. We can see that if we compare our childhoods to those of children today, but that has not been forced upon us in the way this current situation has. This is actually revolution and not evolution.

A revolution against the billions of people on the planet by a relatively small number of greedy evil people who believe that they are somehow more important than the rest of the world.

It is up to us to show them that we are important, and will not be easily turned into their slaves.

It’s great to see so many people aware of the reality of where we are being led, and hopefully before we reach the point of no return, we will have enough of the public to finally push back the quite horrendous agenda of the criminals who would happily turn us and future generations into robotic drones, without the capacity of individual thought.

I remain optimistic despite the constant efforts of politicians and media to beat us down.

But a couple of things have to be remembered.

This is not something that has happened overnight, and there are no coincidences.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Photo by Aksonsat Uanthoeng from Pexels]


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