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The Sturgeon National Party

The Sturgeon National Party
July 04
19:18 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

It can no longer be hidden. Nicola Sturgeon is clearly taking revenge on the majority of people in Scotland who do not vote for her rag tag rabble of a party.

She is deliberately destroying the economy of Scotland in order to nationalise the bankrupt companies.

The main reason for this is that the SNP and especially Sturgeon hate the idea of people having their own successful businesses and not having to rely on the state.

Scotland could have a thriving economy and lift many people out of government reliance and poverty. But then the business owners will obviously not vote for a political party which will try to tax them out of existence.

A very successful Scottish economy could possibly afford to have its citizens aspire to do well and stay out of the clutches of the SNP giant squid, rendering it powerless over more people.

If she really wanted independence for Scotland, she would have to make the economy attractive to investors and companies, and run the country for all of us and not just for her minority of half-witted knuckle draggers.

For a lunatic megalomaniac like Sturgeon, that can never be allowed to happen. She has to have complete control of as large of a percentage of the population as possible.

Any political party basing their strategy on 1930s Germany, isn’t going to be likely to run a country in any kind of democratic fashion.

The SNP is now the Sturgeon show and there is no room for for anyone else to get anywhere near the front of the stage. This is most evident in her handling of the Covid nonsense.

She appears uninvited into people’s homes on television every day, to claim that she is the only person on the face of the planet who knows what they are doing.

Standing on a milk crate behind the lectern, head nodding rapidly and eyes blinking ever faster to keep up with the lies, half truths and propaganda pouring from her narrow lips.

She talks in a shrill hectoring voice, referring to herself constantly as she lists the latest things we can, or much more likely can’t do freely anymore, because she believes that she’s keeping us all safe from this devious and cunning virus.

We are told over and over, that she isn’t making this virus opportunity political, while at the same time making it completely political. It’s a trick which might fool her rabid, mouth frothing Cult, but that’s not much of a stretch.

None of the advice makes sense, especially to herself. She gets a script to read or possibly memorise, and if questioned on the drivel, her eyes narrow with hatred for the questioner.

How dare anyone ask for details? Let the five minutes of waffling commence.

Not that she has to do this very often, as the collective media representatives hasn’t got one testicle between them, and no one can remember the last time any of them asked the kind of question a member of the public would be likely to ask if given the opportunity.

Masks are the latest focus of the First Dictator.

We have had three long months of being told that we are all in imminent danger of a horrible death at the hands of the evil cunning virus, but haven’t been required to wear masks.

Suddenly, on Thursday we were told that masks would be mandatory, her new favourite word, from the 10th of July on public transport and in shops.

Call me naive, but if there is no need to wear masks before the 10th, what is so special about the time after that date?

Has this nasty, twisted virus been on a well earned break, and it’s coming back next Friday? I think we need to be told.

I can walk into my local supermarket now, as I have for three months, without any face covering and have remained healthy. Now from the end of next week, I will be in mortal danger?

This is some serious horseshit.

Apparently people with breathing issues will not have to wear masks. Well, I happen to like breathing, so no mask for me.

I noticed in supermarkets, people have mostly stopped bothering with the hand sanitiser and wiping the trolley handles with sulfuric acid. This is a sure sign that no one is any longer scared, and are leading their own lives and take wild chances.

With every utterance, Sturgeon loses another small amount of control. So instead of thinking, “I’m beginning to sound and look like a twat”, she tries to impose ever more ridiculous rules.

This makes her feel powerful, but in reality she has now become a joke, not only to people who don’t like her, but also to some of her sheep.

At some point in the future, she will be walking into an empty television studio, standing on her milk crate behind the lectern, and ranting at cameras which are switched off.

After the 30 minutes of spittle flecked screaming, her nurse will gently take her arm and lead her back to her room.

“Was I good out there?” she will ask.

Like all dictators, she will have gone completely insane.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Fei Peng Hu from Pexels]

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  1. thinkwithoutmind
    thinkwithoutmind July 05, 08:36

    Michael, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that you have a bone to pick with the wearer of ridiculously high-heels.
    Nicely spaced article, btw.
    Regards, SayLarvae.

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  2. Hilary
    Hilary July 07, 07:12

    So so true. Can’t believe more people don’t see it.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Elaine Welsh
    Elaine Welsh July 08, 09:26

    Hilarious but brutally accurate summary of the “Daily Sturgeon Show”. Couldn’t stop laughing!

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  4. Marion Tedcastle
    Marion Tedcastle August 09, 15:01

    Six weeks from your perceptive article and the daily party political broadcasts still blight our television screens. When will she fall off her milk crate for the last time?

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