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SNP: Opposition? What Opposition?

SNP: Opposition? What Opposition?
February 12
18:27 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

All governments need a strong opposition to keep them “honest”, and a free society needs to have confidence in the governing party being held to account.

Neither of these vital safeguards are in place in Scotland.

We currently have a party of government doing exactly what they want, when they want, without a squeak of criticism by the so called opposition.

A perfect example of this lack of opposition, has been seen on two occasions recently.

The Derek McKay farce was a perfect opportunity for the opposition to attack the SNP administration. They had an open goal to aim at, but somehow they managed not only to miss the goal, they actually managed to kick the ball out of the stadium.

How many political opposition parties have the kind of luck to see a senior member of the ruling party suspended from the party and lose their high powered job due to grooming a sixteen year old boy on social media?

Most opposition parties would think Christmas and all their birthdays had come on the same day. But not the spineless “opposition” in the Scottish Parliament.

There was actual sympathy for Derek McKay for being caught doing something “foolish”. And praising him for being a good guy and a fine parliamentary colleague.

Days later, I still can’t get my head round what actually happened.

Now video evidence has appeared, showing Derek McKay boasting on stage in an interview with some SNP lackey, about how he was still drunk from the night before, when he was in charge of the SNP conference.

He said no one in the audience could tell he was as he put it, “stinking of drink”, but those on stage with him could tell.

He also said Nicola Sturgeon told him he was smelling strongly of alcohol, but she allowed him to carry on with his conference job.

Now, I’m not a leading politician, so I don’t know what goes through the head of a political party leader and First Minister of Scotland when faced with a colleague still drunk from the previous night and who is about to play a leading role in the annual party conference, but keeping him in a job of any kind would not be my first thought.

I don’t think I have heard any opposition criticism of the SNP for their serious lack of judgement in allowing someone they knew had a drinking problem to continue in the job of Finance Minister, without having him seek professional advice about his obvious issues with alcohol.

This of course is what happens when the First Minister is solely focused on her obsession with independence and trying to get another referendum.

Because to this woman, nothing but nothing transcends her drive for independence.

She either can’t see what her colleagues are doing, or she doesn’t care what they are doing.

I think it’s a bit of both, but as long as they worship the ground she walks on, and agrees that she is always right, they can really do anything or even better, nothing.

The other small matter which the jellyfish opposition could have used to make the SNP administration uncomfortable, was the closure of the new Queensferry Bridge. This was caused by lumps of ice falling from the cables of the bridge and smashing into passing vehicles.

This is the bridge which had to be finished on time and on budget regardless of the state of it at the time of opening.

Sturgeon had to have this done to make herself look like she knew what she was doing, and prance around amid the swirling kilts of the Brigadooners who accompanied her across the bridge on foot. This was because it wasn’t fit for traffic at this point, but that was a trivial detail.

At the end of 2018, there were issues due to the falling of ice from the cables onto the carriageway, but over a year later, nothing had been done to remedy this problem.

I imagine fingers were crossed that either we wouldn’t have another winter or that if we did, no one would be killed by huge lumps of ice falling as if from the sky.

Once again, a few mutterings from the opposition peanut gallery, but not a blow was landed on the SNP administration.

One might think that the cosy three day week with huge salaries and generous expenses in the Holyrood parliament, would have a bearing on the lack of opposition boat rocking, but surely that couldn’t be the case?

There is no excuse for the lack of proper opposition to the SNP in Holyrood.

Unless of course they are in fear of the possibility that they might one day have to take responsibility for making decisions, if by some fluke they end up in government.

I honestly think that is the main reason for the lack of opposition. They can’t be blamed when decisions are made and go wrong.

In many ways, it’s a perfect job. Short working week. Well paid. Zero responsibility.

It’s time to close Holyrood and watch all these useless clowns try to get a real job.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of SNP headquarters, courtesy of Reading Tom; Wikimedia Commons]


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  1. Janet Nelson
    Janet Nelson February 13, 08:15

    Close Holyrood down, saves a fortune, we can get our taxes lowered to the national level and ministers can get on with the day job of fixing roads, hospitals, education, policing etc instead of pontificating and arguing back and forward with no results.

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  2. Doreen
    Doreen February 13, 09:37

    The snp are the most inept pathetic idiots ever to be given the role of looking after the country. I always thought like your mp that they were there to look after their constituents plus running the country to its betterment. Instead we have a group of educationally and mentally dysfunctional clowns dragging very quickly this country to bankruptcy I hope they are pleased. All done by themselves not Westminster who consistently give more in Barnett consequentials for various areas where does this money go? It certainly doesn’t go to the areas it was supposed to probably in their war chest. Time any additional money should be given to the Scottish secretary to dish out maybe then we may see small benefits.

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