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UK Election: Blame Game, Still the Same Game

UK Election: Blame Game, Still the Same Game
December 05
10:25 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

Since the terrorist attack in London, politicians have held back from attacking each other until today. The truce hardly lasted 24 hours.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are currently blaming each other for the early release of the killer.

But Corbyn would not say that terrorists should be kept in jail for the full length of their sentences.

Johnson saying that sentencing would have to be looked at again after the election.

Everything is politicised at the time of an election, and to think otherwise is naive.

Today’s (2nd December) nonsense was much the same nonsense as yesterday’s. Each side blaming the other for politicising the terrorist attack and also for which of the parties allowed this dangerous individual to be freed from prison after serving half of the 16 year sentence he was given on appeal.

His original sentence was  indeterminate and he wouldn’t have been freed until he was deemed safe to be returned to society.

But it does not matter who or what party changed the law, which of course happens fairly often, depending on the mood politicians feel the public have at the time.

Very little is actually done for justice. Just whatever is expedient for the publicity-conscious politicians.

I was going to comment on the debate which Sturgeon attended despite her having nothing to do with the UK election, but apparently she told the usual lies and repeatedly used the words, “The people of Scotland” until her batteries died.

At this point, her eyes glazed over and she was wheeled to the side of the stage on her mobile lectern, muttering “freedumb”.

Jeremy Corbyn has allowed himself to smile occasionally, or maybe his robotics aren’t working well either.

He and his partner in crime, John McDonnell, seem to be reading from different hymn sheets and contradict each other regularly.

They are connected to one certainty, and that’s failure.

The public can see through all the political spending hyperbole these days, and they aren’t buying anything these used car salesmen and woman are selling.

We still don’t know what their official stance on is on Brexit, tax, immigration, foreign policy or anything else, but I don’t think it’s going to matter very much.

I can’t see anyone except their core supporters and those who are psychologically challenged, voting for their deranged policies.

That’s if they can decide which way the madness is going. The Labour Party is like a rudderless ship, drifting across the ocean of political bullshit.

As far as I can see, the Conservatives only have to avoid any major scandals or unfortunate interviews, to win the election.

Boris Johnson, blusters and bullshits his way round the country, making his advisors nervous and stock up on Tenna Lady products.

But he hasn’t made the kind of blunders and faux pas he is capable of making. So he must be learning when to keep quiet.

Having said that, there are still a few days left for some kind of hoo hah to take place.

Back at the news media outlets, anyone who might be an “expert” is being dragged into studios, in the hope they say something either interesting or better still, controversial. But at the moment they all kind of blend together into a lump of boring sentences.

Almost every day there seems to be a television debate between various politicians. Despite there being hundreds of politicians from the different parties, the same faces with the same opinion are used.

One who is on almost every debate is Nicola Sturgeon. She appears to be addicted to being on television.

None of the other SNP politicians, including Ian Blackford, leader of the SNP in Westminster, get a chance to appear.

One might think Sturgeon is some kind of control freak!

Today is the 5th of December and in a week we will have to decide where to place our X on the ballot paper.

The politicians are still spinning webs full of lies, in their desperation to woo voters.

Jeremy Corbyn is still maintaining he can and will be Prime Minister after the election. His delusional optimism is to be admired or pitied, depending on political preference.

His latest wheeze is to hand over the official residence of the Prime Minister, Chequers, to homeless people.

This is an admirable gesture, but as he knows he isn’t going to be in a position to do such a thing, he really could say he was doing the same with Westminster or Buckingham Palace. It’s all bollocks.

His ex-lover, Diane Abbott, (@HackneyAbbott) who would be his Home Secretary in a Labour government, hasn’t had a good week. Car crash interviews and then we find out that her son bit a police officer. One could not make this shit up!

Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat leader, has been struggling to find anything positive to say about her party’s policies, as her chances of making political headway in the election continue to head down the toilet at an alarming rate.

In the Conservative camp, very little is stirring. They appear to be content to keep a lower profile than the rest of the parties, and let them tear each other apart.

Boris Johnson has managed to stay out of trouble for another week and no major disasters have occurred, so plain sailing into the final week.

I’m slightly surprised that the Boris Johnson had become a electoral asset, whereas the other party leaders have had the opposite effect on their respective chances.

Welsh Nationalists, Plaid Cymru, seem to have been taking advice from the SNP and are spouting bizarre nonsense about Wales being independent with 10/15 years. Political delusions of enormous proportions.

Just remember, Wales, everything the SNP touches turns to shit.

Speaking of the SNP and shit, the party seems to be imploding at the moment. Much internal division around the question of whether Nicola Sturgeon is more of a liability than an asset to their electoral chances.

The one very noticeable part of the SNP campaign, is that the only person to be seen in public is Sturgeon. All the debates which I have mentioned include her.

None of her senior Westminster politicians has been allowed to get in front of the cameras for very long, except Ian Blackford, who isn’t the most charming person. And his appearances have been very limited.

Sturgeon has obviously decided that she is so popular with the public, that she can win the election, in which she doesn’t stand, on her own.

She has shown once and for all, that her megalomania is completely in charge of her.

Expert reports on Scotland’s financial state are derided by her. Only her opinion can be correct.

As I said, the SNP are falling apart before our very eyes and there is no way back for them. Any party which is in power too long, becomes complacent and will perish.

The SNP, which is run by Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell, Chief Executive Officer of the SNP, has become completely undemocratic, and more akin to a dictatorship.

The Justice system is falling apart, people are resigning, but Sturgeon thinks that anyone who criticises her is an enemy of her state.

This is being noticed by members of the party and public alike. The end is in sight for Sturgeon and the SNP.

Once the floodgates open, there is no chance of them swimming to safety.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of Sturgeon at podium courtesy of Delphine Dallison; Wikimedia Commons]

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