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Debates & the Destruction of Democracy

Debates & the Destruction of Democracy
December 10
08:27 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

If nothing else, this election has shown us the true faces of the political leaders in the UK.

I always find it interesting to see how the public and media react to the leading figures in the political parties, at the beginning of an election campaign, and how this changes as the election date looms large.

Starting with Conservatives, Boris Johnson was not regarded as an election asset by the media and according to the media, not popular with the public either.

This is generally the best way to start. If a politician is hugely well liked by the media, their star can only wane over a six week period of public scrutiny.

He has proved to be less unpopular than originally thought, but his opposition has done everything to make him look good.

Today, (9th) December, has seen fake news taken to new heights or perhaps lows, by a staged picture of a young boy lying on the floor of a hospital. Despite the fact that the picture has been debunked as fake, hasn’t stopped the media from treating it as factual.

This picture appeared in a Labour supporting “newspaper” and of course it has circled the planet several times while the truth is still trying to pull its trousers up.

A reporter tried to show Boris Johnson the picture on his phone, but surprise took over from common sense and the reporter’s phone was pushed away.

This incident may well backfire on the Labour Party once the public see it for what it was.

This is a just one example of way political discourse has degenerated over the last few years. Russia is suspected of leaking information to destabilise the election and false accusations abound from all parties against each other.

Jeremy Corbyn is promising even more billions of pounds to any subject which crosses his mind when he wakes up in the morning. 

No one is safe from his astonishing generosity. We will all live in massive mansions with hot and cold running Eastern European staff, who will be paid one million pounds a month.

There will be full employment, with everyone working from home, on super fast broadband, pumping out pro Labour propaganda.

Anyone without the necessary skills will be “re-educated” by Momentum agents, in the vast spaces in unused office buildings.

The one drawback for Corbyn and Labour, is that they aren’t going to be in power, and won’t be until they remove the ridiculous ideology and the even more ridiculous Corbyn and McDonnell. They can promise anything, knowing that they won’t have to deliver to their gullible supporters.

Big news this morning on the Labour Party….. One of the shadow cabinet has told the truth about the chances of a Labour victory.

He has since said he was lying, and a big boy made him say it. This sums up politicians perfectly.

The wheels have come off the Liberal Democrat’s homemade, hand-knitted, electric scooter of a campaign.

Jo Swinson has managed to do the exact opposite of what she set out to do. Snatching defeat from the jaws of a fantasy victory, she continues to alienate almost all of the people who might have possibly voted for their Remain policies.

Any chance she had of causing an upset in this election has gone down the toilet along with her reputation.

It is amazing how easily politicians believe their own publicity and actually imagine they will be Prime Minister.

Reality isn’t something with which they are very familiar.

Here in Scotland, the people are finally waking up and seeing the SNP and their bossy leader for what they are. A one-policy party, which has no interest in anyone or anything which doesn’t push the independence agenda. This isn’t popular any more.

In fact, the subject has become so toxic for the SNP, their politicians hardly mention the word. Election candidates aren’t even including SNP logos on their twitter pages or on election publicity leaflets.

Sturgeon has taken full charge of appearing on every possible television debate and daytime talk show, boring the arses off all who are watching. 

The rest of the SNP politicians are deemed to be too stupid to be involved in public debate.

Now she is being driven round Scotland on a big yellow bus, which doesn’t even mention election or independence. She is now leading with an anti-Brexit message.

She doesn’t seem to know what to do or what she is doing.

The party insiders know that independence isn’t a possibility now.

The current polling shows fewer people than ever want another referendum, never mind independence.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that she is actually on a farewell tour and will resign very soon after the results of the election are known.

Without the possibility of independence, the SNP are without purpose.

Nigel Farage is changing the name of his political party once again. This way he hopes people won’t know it’s him. 

This election campaign will be seen as one of the most unpleasant and nasty in recent history.

Not one politician has come out of the mess with their reputation enhanced. Quite a few will never be heard from again, which is a comfort, but other worthless individuals will step into their shit covered shoes and the whole process will begin again.

That’s a depressing thought, but hopefully people will be encouraged to get into politics and try to bring some common sense to the proceedings.

I will comment further after the results have been made clear.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo courtesy of Gelliger; Pixabay]

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