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UK General Election: Lies and Liars

UK General Election: Lies and Liars
November 12
13:34 2019


So far in the last few days there have been several examples of political lying which have ranged from the blatantly obvious to the unbelievably stupidly obvious.

All politicians lie. That is unfortunately a fact. In many cases there is no need to lie, it is often done out of habit.

A bit like asking a child if they had broken an ornament, and getting the instant reply, “No, it wasn’t me”.

We expect children to lie in these circumstances and we get to the tearful truth sooner or later.

Some adults never progress from this childhood state of denial. Even when caught in the most obvious of lies, they will mutter about their comments being taken out of context.

This is completely unacceptable, but for some reason the public and often the media will let the lies slide, because the liars are after all, politicians. We have to make this constant lying as publicly unacceptable as say, drinking and driving or domestic violence.

There is no excuse for grown adults to keep twisting the truth and thinking we are so stupid that we don’t care anymore.

Examples of recent ridiculous lies include :

Ian Blackford, liar…..NHS in Scotland.

Attempting to make out that the NHS in Scotland is somehow superior to the NHS in England. And being told to get his own house in order before criticising anyone else. The look on his giant pie face was a joy to behold. His stuttering reply was hilarious and on a par with the similar one from Joanna Cherry when asked about what currency an independent Scotland would use.

The same vacant expression of intellectual helplessness spread across their panic striken faces. Multiple chins quivering in the fear of the possibility of having to be truthful.

Humza Yousaf, liar….on Question Time.

This smarmy, bullying, entitled man child was a panelist on Question Time last week.

This is a programme which I stopped watching many years ago, due to it making me want to throw the television out of the window in frustration and rage at the lies told by the politicians appearing on the show.

The BBC also began to have non-funny comedians and other showbiz “celebrities” on the panel for some obscure reasons.

Humza Yousaf is the Justice Minister for the SNP administration. He had no legal background and appears to spend his days sitting in his office on social media, spreading SNP propaganda and insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with their policies.

On the programme he was making an accusation about a Conservative politician who had resigned over a court case which had had to be abandoned for legal reasons.

This case was in Wales and the politician who had resigned, was a Conservative government minister.

During Humza Yousaf’s statement, he should have used the word “allegedly” in conjunction with the politician’s involvement in this case.

He was told by the chair of the debate that he hadn’t said, “allegedly”, but he immediately lied, and said, “I said allegedly, you can check the tape.”

While saying this, he was pointing aggressively at the chair of the debate, Fiona Bruce.

When I saw the clip, it appeared to be a demonstration of “how dare you challenge me” type, and made me feel very uncomfortable on more than one level. As far as I know, he hasn’t issued an apology.

This is the problem with instances like this. No one stands up to these people and demands he apologises for not only not using the word, but lying about it instantly.

Nicola Sturgeon, liar…..on everything. NHS. Education. Westminster.

Today she has been named, E-Politician of the year in Scotland in a newspaper.

Also today, she has said she disposed of all her handwritten memos and notes. E-Politics at it’s finest if we were living in the 18th century!

Nothing to add to the above.

UK-wide, the lying, oops, election campaign is now officially in full swing. Anyone who is remotely connected to a political party is dragged into television and radio studios and generally allowed to waffle endlessly about absolutely nothing to any importance.

@BBC and @SkyNews vying to be the most biased news outlet, with @KayBurley interviewing an empty chair in which @JamesCleverly, Chairman of the Conservative Party, was supposed to sit. Except he was booked to be in another studio with @talkRadio.

I would say Ms Burley’s performance put @SkyNews in the lead over @BBCNews, for sheer hypocrisy if nothing else.

Politicians always try to out bullshit each other and new words appear as they try to either discredit or humiliate their opponents.

We had to suffer the embarrassment of hearing, Baroness Warsi talking about “mansplaining and whitesplaining”. Not only is this nonsensical, it’s not even English.

The fanatical left always come up with ridiculous words and phrases, mainly because they have no argument against their opposition.

I think there are small offices filled with activists inventing these kind of non-words, while drinking vast amounts of almond milk lattes and eating grass and nettle panninis.

They exist in a separate world to the rest of the public. Rarely venturing into the outside world in case they come into contact with reality.

The Labour campaign has already started to unravel, which isn’t really much of a surprise.

Corbyn is still sitting on the fence so long as far as Brexit is concerned, he is now part of the fence, and almost as wooden.

John McDonnell is busy pledging to spend whatever huge amount of money he decides on any particular day. There appears to be no awareness of the value of money or where it is going to come from.

These are the politics and politicians of desperation and fantasy.

Over in the Conservative camp, the Prime Minister bumbles and splutters around the country, in some very unfamiliar territory, as he wanders around the country, pledging slightly less vast the sums of money the Labour Party are promising to invest in anything and everything.

For this period of time, reality has been suspended and nothing is off limits.

If anyone believes anything said by a politician at this point, they need psychiatric help.

The Brexit Party issued an ultimatum to Boris Johnson about an electoral pact and were told that they were whistling in the wind. Nothing else will be heard from the Farage camp for some time.

The Liberal Democrats have joined up with a couple of minority parties whose names escape me for the moment, due to my not caring enough.

Their leader, Jo Swinson is under the impression and delusion, that she will be Prime Minister after the election. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is more chance of her becoming Pope!

All in all, this election is much the same as those of recent years. The only real difference is that the lies are bigger.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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