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Trump: A man without a clue

Trump: A man without a clue
October 18
20:37 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

Over the last few months I have been meaning to write something on Donald Trump.

Unfortunately the Brexit nonsense has taken up my thinking and at times, I haven’t been able to even think straight.

But since the Turkish government decided to “invade” Syria and kill hundreds of people, apparently with the blessing of the American President, I have decided to put some of my thoughts down and see where they take me.

The Trump behaviour has become increasingly bizarre and unstable in the last few months. It is almost as if he knows his time in office is short, and is living out his fantasies while he has the chance.

Bizarre behaviour has been a hallmark of Trump’s presidency.

He has no apparent ability to stop himself making utterly ridiculous statements, mostly about how amazingly intelligent he is and how no one else can match him.

This is may well play well with his seventeen core voters, but it makes him look like a complete idiot to the rest of the civilised and uncivilised world.

Most people who might imagine becoming President of their country, at least look at past incumbents and get an idea of how they should behave when going about their daily business. But not Trump.

It is almost as if he has modelled his Presidential style on a sketch from Saturday Night Live and a Three Stooges movie. He is the slapstick President.

All he needs now is the falling down like Gerald Ford, and his wig to spin at the same time as his bow tie.

Most people recognise when they have overstepped the mark, and draw back, but not Trump. He charges on like a buffalo on a skateboard, apparently unaware of the chaos left behind. Old ladies and foreign dignitaries scattered in his wake, along with the tattered remains of his own clown pants.

His grasp of foreign policy is as tenuous as his grip on reality. He is the first President of the United States to direct foreign affairs via Twitter. He argues with Prime Ministers, Presidents, and people he doesn’t know, but they have criticised him, so they are fair game for his rambling hate-filled early morning twitter rants.

The recent Turkish incursion into Syria seems to have been due to some kind of Trump misunderstanding regarding borders, troops and to whom they actually belong.

He had no idea whose troops he was pulling out of the Kurdish area of northern Syria.

When it turned out he was removing US troops from the area, he had to pretend that that was his intention in the first place.

The speed at which American troops were withdrawn from Syria was so great, that they left behind completely intact camps and large quantities of ammunition, which necessitated the US Air Force having to bomb them to destruction to keep them out of the hands of the Syrian and Russian armies!

His reputation for making “the deal” happen, is solely inside his own head. Every so called deal has been a gigantic disaster for everyone.

He blunders around the planet like an elephant wearing a large tent. Seeing nothing, but trampling over friends and enemies with ever increasing enthusiasm for his own genius.

He constantly amazes himself with his own intellectual prowess. There is no other person who can come close to his level of expertise and genius.

It has to be true, because he said so.

No other President has had the kind of staff turn over he achieves. One day one of his appointees is a world class negotiator and the next day is fired because his tie was the wrong colour, or some other trivial nonsense.

This is a man so thin skinned, he would attack children on twitter for drawing a clown when asked to depict the President. This is someone who can’t just say his piece and leave it at that. He has to repeatedly go over the point endlessly.

Hammering it home with all the skill of a lumberjack on steroids.

His only saving grace is that he hasn’t blown the planet to smithereens to prove some ridiculous point. But there’s still time.

Hopefully he will be voted out next year, because there is zero chance of his being impeached. There isn’t enough time for it to happen and guess who would be in charge if it did happen.

Yes, Vice President Pence. Now that’s not what anyone would want.

Can you imagine having a President who is a walking disaster area and still being a better bet than the person who would take his place?

So, it will have to be the ballot box or whatever is used these days to vote in the USA, to get rid of Trump.

The man who is a legend in only his own mind.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of Trump courtesy of Michael Vadon; Wikimedia Commons]


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