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Sheep Led by Donkeys

Sheep Led by Donkeys
October 08
08:32 2018

Perthshire, Scotland

We all see the same events in different ways. The best example of this, are witnesses to, let’s say an assault.

Three witnesses see the assault taking place, but the description of the assailant varies from witness to witness.

They all saw what happened, but they all saw events differently. This is quite normal, and if we all saw things the same way, life would be very strange.

Politics has a similar way of making us all see the same thing in completely different ways. That holds up for the majority of us, but once we get involved in Nationalism, views become polarised and unless care is taken, this can spiral out of control and in the worst case scenario, end in civil war.

Not that I’m suggesting that could happen in the UK or the US, but nationalism and division are being used to cause splits, not only in large organisations, but also families being riven by the arguments over what is the correct direction to take a country.

In Scotland we had an independence referendum in 2014. The result was for keeping Scotland in the UK, but had it gone in the opposite direction, I wouldn’t have been delighted, but I would have accepted the result, and got on with making the country the best it could be in the circumstances.

Unfortunately the SNP, because of their inability to accept the democratic decision of the country, and move forward with the the extra powers they asked for and were given by the Westminster Parliament, cannot accept the now four years past, referendum result.

This has proved disastrous.

We now have a seriously divided country, split into two groups, the so called Unionists, who want to be part of the UK, and what are known as the Separatists, who want independence at any cost.

There aren’t really any blurred lines, just two sides, neither of which will give an inch to the other.

This is not good for Scotland or its inhabitants.

Recently we have seen a variety of marches from the people who want Scotland to be independent.

They are a group who are called AUOB. All Under One Banner. In some cases the number of marchers could be All Under One Blanket!

These Freedumb marches culminated in what was going to be the biggest of all, in Edinburgh yesterday on Saturday the 6th October. We were hearing on Twitter how many people were expected to turn up.

Estimates from 50,000 to 250,000 were bandied about, much to the hillary of the the rest of Scotland, who had better things to do on a Saturday.

There was also an argument over what could be erected on the park which the march was to pass through. The end result was that the march could go ahead but couldn’t stop the erect a stage or have stalls built.

The SNP Cultists of course paid no attention to this ruling, and proceeded to do exactly what they wanted, and Police Scotland looked on and did nothing. So, no change there!

Although this is a fairly minor issue, the fact that the march leaders decided to act out with the boundaries of the agreement, and police ignoring this, shows that these idiots can now feel they can do whatever they want and the authorities will just step back and not interfere.

This has damaged the independence of Police Scotland to the point where there is no rule of law. It also opens the door to other people doing similar things and expecting the same softly softly treatment from the police.

If of course there were heavy handed tactics from the police, it would be obvious that the SNP separatists were getting preferential treatment, and the suspicion that there was a political element of the role of Police Scotland.

Heaven forfend that to be the case, but there are certainly some people who have profound reservations about the link between the police and the SNP administration.

After all, it was the SNP who decided to centralise the police forces in the county into the mess which is Police Scotland.

This is the behaviour of a cult. Control control control. They didn’t like the different police areas in Scotland having independent Chief Constables. They had to be disbanded and now have a single Chief Constable for the whole county.

This position is now a political appointment, disguised as independent. How strange that a political party dedicated to making Scotland independent, cannot abide the police to have the same ability to make decisions which suit different parts of the country. A one size fits all approach just doesn’t work.

Anyway, back at the “largest public march in history”, the fancy dress party was in full, or perhaps better called, fool swing.

On a glorious crisp October afternoon in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, the turnout was estimated by the authorities at 15, 000 to 20,000. Somewhat less than the AUOB expectation of 100,000 or more.

If this is the best they can do in perfect conditions and location, there is no chance of them winning another independence referendum, even in the unlikely event of whoever is leading the government in Westminster.

Didn’t I mention, the only way the SNP can call another vote, is by permission of the UK government? And believe me, that’s not going to happen.

So farewell to the Brigadoon fantasists in their ridiculous outfits, which they imagine Scottish people wore three hundred years ago. I hope we have seen the back of them for at least another generation.

We pity them, as they were sheep led by donkeys.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo courtesy of Azerifactory; Wikimedia Commons]


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