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Manufactured Bickering Hiding Corruption

Manufactured Bickering Hiding Corruption
October 26
10:40 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

During a conversation last evening, I suddenly realised why I had been feeling uncomfortable about some aspects of the endless debate on Scottish independence.

The political scene in Scotland is extremely polarised, and subsequently people have taken up positions from which they will not be moved. They have become so inward looking, they have failed to see anything else going on in the world.

The USA is becoming just as bad, but on a much larger scale. Keep both sides occupied arguing, and no one will notice what is actually being done right in front of them.

I hadn’t really thought about why I was feeling so uneasy, but the conversation with one very opinionated, politically single-viewed person made me understand exactly what was happening.

As many people know, any “official” investigation into anything, will be a sham, designed to keep us from the truth and the people behind whatever is being investigated.

I presumed any right thinking person would know just how corrupt all governments and politicians really are. But this appears not to be the case.

Political corruption was the subject being discussed, and one reply was saying that “the UK was one of the least corrupt countries in Europe”.

The UK may seem to be less corrupt to some people who are too engrossed in fighting parochial political battles to think clearly, but in order to function in the 21st century, corruption is inevitable and unfortunately necessary.

Remember, Britain built an empire and ruled vast tracts of the world. This didn’t happen because of luck or complete honesty. People have always had to be paid off or disposed of, in order to make progress. Being nice isn’t going to help anyone who wants to control society.

But the appearance of being nice, fair, and open handed, will always make things easier.

At the moment in the USA, similar tactics are being used, but in a much larger way than in Scotland. Since the election of Donald Trump, this divisive plan has been operating with great success.

Right against Left. Republicans against Democrats. Family members at each other’s throats. And while all this infighting is going on, very few people are interested or even aware of the bigger picture.

If we all looked up from this deliberately manufactured bickering, and took in why it was being done, we might just stand a chance of stopping the puppet masters from taking complete control of the entire planet.

The fact that some very intelligent people are being hoodwinked and duped by their own government, is testimony to the planners’ ability to blinker hundreds of millions of people at the same time.

Keep us fighting with each other over the pointless minutiae of “he said, she said,” and the field is wide open for these venal individuals to screw all of us without any fuss.

Let us forget Left and Right. Republicans and Democrats. Pro Union and pro SNP. Tory versus Labour. England against Scotland, and all the other stupid crap which is designed to keep us occupied and see the reality of our global community being taken over by greedy but ultimately stupid people, who would rather blow the planet to smithereens than lose their money and power.

Look up at the sky. We are just a speck of dust in the timeless void of space, but while we are here, we must make it possible for all of us to live without hate and fear.

Fear, manufactured to make us want protection from the very people who are making us fearful in the first place.

We have to stop playing a game which cannot be won. We have to make new rules for a new game and a new beginning.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo of planet courtesy of NASA Expedition 20 crew; Wikimedia Commons]


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