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Independence, Ignorance, & Opportunism of the SNP

Independence, Ignorance, & Opportunism of the SNP
October 05
12:37 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

The Catalan independence referendum, which was illegal, has shown the complexity of part of a country trying to separate from its parent.

It brings out the worst and at times, the best in people. It also brings people who have nothing to do with the issue, other than gaining publicity for their own cause.

Nothing shows this more clearly than the opportunistic actions of the Scottish National Party.

They saw a way of using what they knew would be a very explosive and divisive event to make their own case for independence. This was a very cynical ploy and has backfired in a spectacular fashion.

We should take a brief look at the history of the Catalan independence movement.

When General Franco came to power in Spain in 1939, he banned the Catalan and other regional governments and language, as he wanted Spain as one country without regional differences.

When his dictatorial rule came to an end with his death in 1975, the Catalan government was reinstated. Since then, they have pushed increasingly hard for complete independence from Spain.

This has gained momentum since around 2010 to the present day.

The SNP, who had hardly mentioned Spain or the Catalan independence movement as allies prior to this, realised this was a great way to get maximum publicity for their own cause and look as if they actually cared about someone else’s fight for “freedom”.

A delegation from Scotland, consisting of failed local councillors and members of the sporran legion, were dispatched to Catalonia. There, they proceeded to make themselves look like bigger idiots than they already were. They posted pictures on social media, showing them “invading” the Spanish Consulate for as long as ten minutes.

Not content with this nonsense, they sent video to give updates on the processes of the illegal referendum, breathlessly explaining what they had seen and done. This came over more like a spoof television show, rather than a serious broadcast.

As far as anyone could see, this looked like a group of teenagers on their first foreign holiday.

Unfortunately this was not so jolly, as the vote was illegal, and the Spanish authorities were determined to make their displeasure apparent.

Surely the SNP hierarchy must have known what was going to happen. Spain had repeatedly said they would take strong action against the independence ballot. Yet they allowed this shower of idiots to make their way to Spain for the purpose of getting publicity for Scottish independence.

How would they have felt if one of these fools had been badly injured or possibly killed due to police violence, on this ridiculous excursion?

The upshot of the illegal referendum, was in favour of an independent Catalonia. But there were claims of voter fraud and a lower percentage of voter turnout. Now we hear from the Catalan government, they are going to declare independence regardless of what Spain and the EU say or do.

That’s up to them, and the consequences of that action will be on their own heads.

The EU say that they wouldn’t recognise Catalonia as an independent nation, and they would no longer be part of Spain and therefore out of the EU. This wouldn’t be a good thing for the Catalan people.

Back in the fairyland which is where the SNP reside, the adventure and the result of the referendum have had a negative impact on the independence ambitions of Ms Ironpants Sturgeon.

The Catalan situation has shown that independence for Scotland would result in losing their place in the EU automatically. To apply for reinstatement would take years and by that time, the UK will have left the EU, leaving Scotland out on a very fragile limb.

Because of the negative impact of recent events on the SNP, something had to be done. But what could they pull out of their tweed bunnets?

With much fanfare, the news came from fairyland central, that the moratorium on fracking had been “continued indefinitely”….. This was greeted by the sporran legion as if it were an edict from God.

Of course by saying the ban would be continued indefinitely, still leaves wriggle room to revisit this at some future date. This will be necessary because with oil revenues falling like an elephant without a parachute, some other way has to be found to keep people in jobs and also become financially independent.

Politicians are only good for comedic purposes. They are the lowest form of human life and they appear to practice this on a daily basis.

They will do anything to keep a hold on power. Nothing is off limits to these parasites.

Think about everything before even listening to a politician. Despite what they may say, they only look after themselves.

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