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The Trump & Clinton Effect: Democracy Destroyed Deliberately

The Trump & Clinton Effect: Democracy Destroyed Deliberately
October 20
13:30 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

During a Twitter discussion this afternoon, I suddenly realised what is happening with the bizarre presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This knowledge must have been somewhere in the back of my mind, but for some reason, I couldn’t put the pieces together.

credit: Gage Skidmore

credit: Gage Skidmore

In the midst of flying tweets, I stopped and looked at what I had written. There on the phone was the answer to what had been nagging away at me for months. The cloudiness was gone and total clarity took over.

I have been writing about politics and idiot politicians for a few years. I thought I understood what they were trying to do and why. But I had been barking up the wrong political tree all along.

Stand back and see what is going on… No? I couldn’t see it either until today. The answer is staring us in the face.

I said to someone the other day, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to cover it up, because no one could believe something of that enormity was happening right in front of them.

If we start in a small way with Scotland, we can see what could be an experiment taking place. The once mighty Scottish Labour party has imploded over the last eight to ten years, leaving the SNP (Scottish National Party) more or less the only party in town.

No one thought the Labour party vote would suddenly go from being measured by weight, to almost vanishing completely. This was put down to a party so smug, it couldn’t be bothered to campaign. I now believe this was a deliberate act to allow the SNP total control over the country. A series of ineffectual Labour leaders made sure that the party was unelectable. Gray men with gray policies. No one wanted them.

Now I know that sounds fanciful but bear with me.

In England, the national Labour party is in crisis. Now led by Jeremy Corbyn, an established Trotskyite and general left wing rabble rouser. He looks like someone’s benign old uncle, but he is backed by a very dangerous cabal of younger, more militant people.

The only reason Corbyn was elected leader, was that he was put on the leadership ballot paper to make it look less right wing. This wasn’t some mistake or misjudgment. This was done quite deliberately to make sure when he was elected leader, there was always no if, it was always going to be when, he would make the Labour party unelectable.

Now there is absolutely no chance of a Labour government for a generation if ever!

This would mean that because the Liberal Democrats had been annihilated at the ballot box in the general election, there was only going to be one viable and electable party and that was the Conservative party. Once again, one party state by sleight of hand, making it still look like a democratic process.

I’m sure you can see a pattern emerging.

Let’s hop across the Atlantic and see what’s happening in America.

There has always been a fairly even split of presidents between the Democratic and the Republican party. At no point

credit: DonkeyHotey

credit: DonkeyHotey

has either side completely dominated the other for any length of time. In this, the longest campaign in the history of long campaigns, two completely different candidates have emerged to represent their respective parties.

Democrat, Hillary Clinton and Republican, Donald Trump. Chalk and cheese one would think?

I’m not so sure.

For the last few months Mr Trump has steadily become more outspoken and hostile to Mrs Clinton. At times, especially during the second debate, he was openly stalking her on stage!

He was either losing his mind or, he was deliberately alienating everyone except his semi-insane hardcore supporters. Which was it, I wondered. Had he been told to ramp up the madness for a reason?

Now I think I know why. He is being used to destroy the Republican party!

My belief is that this has happened with the collusion of all parties, including Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump. Democracy has effectively been abolished!

This goes directly back to the demise of the Labour party in Scotland and in England and Wales. Get rid of the opposition openly but permanently, without the public raising their heads from their smart phones or arses.

So now we see the prospect of America turning into a one party state, with the probable implosion of the Republican party after the presidential election in November. Would the public notice anything awry? Not likely, and even if they did, to accept the truth that they had been manipulated into destroying an entire political party, would be impossible for them to comprehend.

The likelihood of either the Republican party in America or the Labour party in Britain making a comeback is less than the chance of Elvis reappearing in Starbucks!

This magic trick will be repeated across the globe, until all countries are basically one party states and happy to do whatever it takes to stay that way! Since globalisation was proposed, there has been a single agenda. Make democracy disappear, but make it look like it was done at the ballot box!

We saw it coming, but couldn’t believe it could be true, so we voted for it anyway. It was democratic, wasn’t it? It must be our own fault.

Once again, the big lie has been told, and no one noticed!

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[Trump thumbs up header courtesy of Max Goldberg, from Trump CAUCUS, in Wikimedia Commons; Trump smirk, courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons; Trump wrecking ball from DonkeyHotey, Wikimedia Commons]

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