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Hillary Clinton: White Queen or Wicked Witch?

Hillary Clinton: White Queen or Wicked Witch?
October 10
21:35 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

The Clintons are quite an enigma.

This is a complicated story, with so many strands. There are allegations of impropriety going back decades, many of which are unsubstantiated and may or may not have a grain of truth attached. I suspect we will never know.


credit: NYarteacher

Hillary Clinton is a divisive figure in American and world politics. Deeply ambitious, she appears to be loved and hated in equal measure. I know this happens to some politicians, but here there is either blinkered devotion or naked hatred! This is quite unusual but definitely not unheard of in politics.

She seems to primarily appeal to “middle aged” female voters, who admire her for the positive things she has done regarding children’s health care and education. These supporters will, in no circumstances, be moved from their total adulation of Hillary Rodham Clinton. To them, she is a mixture of Joan of Arc, St Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa!

The latest debate, or hate filled slanging match, was unedifying and didn’t do either candidate any favours. It would not shift opinions already set in stone, and has probably put the “don’t knows” off voting entirely.

There are many who have a completely opposite view of her. The coldness of personality. The feeling that she looks down on lesser mortals. The idea that she is entitled. Oh, and the rumours that she has been implicated in some very dark dealing while First Lady of Arkansas.

From what I’ve gleaned from my research into Mrs Clinton, it would appear as if she has been walking a thin line between being evasive and telling outright lies on many occasions. The truth doesn’t appear to come easily to her.

Saying, “I misspoke”, instead of saying “I lied” or “I exaggerated”, or “I got my facts wrong” just looks and sounds utterly false!

There have been accusations of her law firm, Rose Law, having been allegedly involved in laundering money from cocaine smuggling into Mena Airport in Arkansas. Not that these accusations are something not known about, they’ve just been kept out of the wider media sphere.

Of course there are many conspiracy theories doing the rounds at all times and about many things. From 9/11 to the Benghazi murders, there are hundreds of different theories on them. The moon landings didn’t happen, is a regular one. But amongst all of these mostly insane ramblings, there are always going to be exceptions!

I would think that the people who have actually been involved with the real conspiracies, have thought that they would just be classed as more nonsense churned out to keep the internet hermits happy. So one has to sift through the chaff to find the wheat.

I saw one lurid headline which read… “Do we want a serial killer as President?”

The answer to the question is, no! They become serial killers AFTER they become President.

Going back to Mrs Clinton, I felt I should read about the Whitewater affair. I had a vague recollection about it from Bill’s time in office. Having had a look at what was there, I was surprised to find that there was really very little to make a fuss about.

The Clintons, in partnership with another couple, apparently bought some land. It appears to have made a loss and cost the Clintons $40,000. In the grand scheme of things not a king’s ransom. For some reason, the wife in the other couple went to jail for NOT talking about the affair! None of it made much sense, and I realised why the American public hadn’t shown any interest in the alleged misdeeds.

There are constant rumours circulating on the Internet about vast quantities of drugs being flown into Arkansas during the time the Clintons ruled that state. Accusations of “witnesses” being threatened with violence by serving police officers if they spoke out on things they may have seen. Others were offered good state jobs as an incentive to keep quiet.

Some people are said to have had “accidents” in which they unfortunately died and stories of jail sentences on trumped up charges, given to people who wouldn’t be silenced. Most of these rumours of alleged corruption and violence have been made against close business associates and friends of Mr and Mrs Clinton.

I have no idea of the veracity of these tales and have to take them with a large pinch of salt, but given that there are undenied stories of Mr Clinton’s serial womanising and predatory nature, one must wonder about the rest.

More recently, there has been massive outrage about Mrs Clinton and thousands of emails. I’ve tried to get interested in this, but have failed miserably.

The fact that the Russians and the Chinese, plus several adolescent boys have been able to get access into the very heart of US government “security”, tells me that nothing is totally secret and secure from cyber attack.

Once again, the American public don’t really seem to care about these peripheral matters. They care about having jobs. They care about being able to get decent medical care. They care about keeping their families safe. They care about billionaires poisoning their water in the chase for even more billions. They wouldn’t care if there were more wealthy people, if they could survive without going without food or heat.

Do they care who is President? A lot of people really do, but most just want to live with respect and be able to have a life and look after their children.

I’m not sure if either candidate can do that for them.

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[Hillary Clinton supporter jacket, courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons; Clinton art “Hypocrisy or Democracy” from NYarteacher, Wikimedia Commons]

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