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Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue
September 15
20:45 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

American Presidential elections are always madly extravagant and filled with hope and fear in fairly equal measure. This one has gone far beyond anything we have ever witnessed.


credit: DonkeyHotey

There is only a couple of months before the actual election and the tension and drama is reaching fever pitch! The insults are flying back and forth between the two candidates, without having much effect on the public, who are more polarised than in any past election.

There is a naked hatred being generated which is quite disturbing. I’m seeing normally placid people almost frothing at the mouth with rage at the latest set of insults against their preferred candidate.

It’s almost becoming a tribal contest and we know how that has turned out in Iraq and Libya. There is absolutely no common ground between the warring factions and both sides think they are right. The leadership of both camps need to act in a more mature and measured way, to show their followers that abused and hatred will not be tolerated.

Unfortunately this hasn’t happened and a quick glance at social media shows just how bad it has become. We know the candidates don’t like each other, but they have ignored common sense and said some things which cannot be forgiven or forgotten by their fanatical supporters.

This is a very dangerous situation which should have been nipped in the bud very early in the campaign. Both sides are guilty of showing utter contempt for their opponents. If wiser heads had intervened when it became clear who the two candidates were, they could have kept us civilised and concentrated on the main issues affecting the American people.

But that was obviously far too simple and sensible. The media must also shoulder much of the blame. They wouldn’t be happy if the debate was civilised and relatively polite. They want confrontation and hate. It sells advertising and boosts viewer numbers.

Of course they give no thought to the consequences of this animosity. As long as they get great ratings. They could potentially be fueling a civil war and they don’t care.

The candidates are polar opposites politically and there is no common ground to be seen between them. This is bad enough in most elections, but in this case the consequences could be catastrophic. The use of inflammatory language by both candidates is inflaming the situation further. Some common sense would be great, but I fear that hope has long gone.

This election seems to have gone on for years, and it is becoming more of a circus every day. We have Mr Trump making up policy as he goes along and Mrs Clinton, who is beginning to look vulnerable, in the centre of the ring, directing the show. But there can only be one ringmaster, and it isn’t usually the clown!

Looking in from afar, the campaign is spiraling out of control. The personal insults are flying back and forth between the warring factions like confetti in a hurricane!

This is not the way to act. This isn’t a children’s playground. This is a race to be the most powerful politician on the planet. If these people can’t show respect towards each other, how can they expect their supporters to behave?

Both candidates should take a step back and consider what they say. If they don’t, then anything is possible. Politicians will say whatever they think their audience wants to hear. This is dangerous. People who can think independently can filter out the bullshit but the majority take it all in and act accordingly.

Over here in Europe, we look on with some disquiet at the events unfolding in America. I think there is a genuine worry that Mr Trump could win. That is a kind of doomsday scenario. Having this loose canon at the helm of the USA. Diplomacy isn’t his strong suit!

I think the fact that he has no political history, gives the rest of the world cause for concern. He would obviously have advisors but if they were like him, we would be in serious trouble.

Mrs Clinton is seen as a safe pair of hands for four years. Kind of like electing an old Pope to office until his younger successor is found. This is not meant to be ageist or sexist or any other ist. Just a fact!

I saw on the TV news tonight, Mrs Clinton getting back on the campaign trail. I hope her health holds up.

credit: DonkeyHotey

credit: DonkeyHotey

Mr Trump is, according to his doctor, slightly overweight and is awash with testosterone! Really? I think he may have written that himself. I’ve had medicals and as far as I know, my testosterone levels weren’t checked!

Whatever happens, we will either see the first female President or the first non-politician orange President.

In future elections there should be limits set on candidates’ campaign spending and limits on type of derogatory comments made by candidates about each other. Common sense should be tested before any of these frauds are allowed anywhere near high office.

The terminally stupid should be weeded out and discarded like old turnips!

Just remember, never idolise a politician. They are only ever interested in themselves and their careers.
None of them are saints, regardless of how they are portrayed by their own teams.

Photo opportunities are not for your benefit, but theirs. They will happily use anyone they think might get them another step closer to power and money.

They have no conscience whatsoever. Or at least not one we would recognise. Nothing is beyond them as they happily trample on friends and enemies alike in their quest for office.

I hear you say, but so and so politician came to our yard sale/fete or whatever. Aye, because they can get their faces, both of them, in the newspaper or on television.

They do nothing for anyone but themselves. Do not be fooled by them. They don’t like the public. We are there to be used by them. Please do not give these parasites the time of day!

Think independently, use common sense and be open minded.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[White House on Halloween, in public domain; Trump & Hillary campaign graphic courtesy of DonkeyHotey]

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