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Improvements In Health Exactly the Reason Queen Elizabeth II Feasts on Young Blood

Improvements In Health Exactly the Reason Queen Elizabeth II Feasts on Young Blood
May 04
17:51 2014

What British royalty and the planet’s most elite strains of inbred families have known for centuries was further proved by a group of studies published in the journals Science and Nature Medicine. When an aging mouse was infused with the blood of a younger mouse, there were “clear improvements in memory, sensory function, strength and endurance”, as reported by the LA Times.

The Times must have been playing games with their audience by facetiously asking in the first sentence of the article, “Can an infusion of young blood reverse the loss of physical and mental ability in old age?” This is old knowledge for some people.

The study is not much more serious in nature. The language fumbles around the topic like a frightened child locked in a dark, damp basement room in Windsor Castle, and groping the walls and furnitureGeorge_W._Bush_toasts_Elizabeth_II_2007 so as to locate and flip on the light switch. “Researchers say a specific protein, found in the blood of mice and humans, appears to be at the root of this rejuvenation.”

Queen Elizabeth II has benefited from this very process, yet it goes much further than that. One specific protein! The royalists know the exact set of proteins that will unscrew and rewire particular aspects of their DNA to turn back the hands of time in specific areas, like liver regrowth, or an influx in the chemical compound in the brain that enhances brutality and lessens sensitivity to the plight of others.

Precise human modification is key, after all, to continuing to rule the world with the guns and banks of modern Western civilization.

But that has so far been kept under wraps except for the few researchers and experts who study alternative world history. It is, what many people like to call, a conspiracy theory.

In the explosive, bombshell article called Queen Elizabeth II Confirmed Cannibal, infamous cultural philosopher Hubert Humdinger speaks of the most important reasons the elite feed on young human flesh:

Humdinger called the Queen “violently vibrant” and “packed with more energy than the sun”. He said it at a small dinner party, and nobody in attendance remembers that he did, except for him. Humdinger also offered his analysis in 1973 about how the Queen could be so energetic. “She must eat human flesh,” he wrote bluntly in an article for We Royalty magazine, “to be so vivacious. There is an immense amount of spiritual energy in human muscle.” He also hinted at the royal family engaging in Satanic rituals and bloodlust.

What seems to the common American as disgusting, or devilish, is really considered a healthy operating system by the elite. By preying on young peasant children, sometimes hiring thugs to steal them from the ghettos and worn down slums of London, and other times graciously paying families for their ragged offspring, royal families can infuse into their stuffy bloodlines fresh vivacity.

Elizabeth_II_Trooping_the_ColourAnd they need it. Mental retardation has always run high in the staggered House of Stuart and House of Tudor lineages from which Elizabeth II was spawned.

The results have not been positive for the House of Windsor. Startling and unpredictable, is more like it. Over-sized heads on some, and sickly peanut-shaped heads on others. Knobby knuckles and legs bent unnaturally at the knees. Deformed genitalia. Extra toes. Misdirected colons that take a northward curve and bail the body’s waste somewhere just below the tailbone. It’s easier access to the sphincter, but it looks horrendous while on vacation at a private beach.

But the queen looks very old, you might say, despite the claimed attempts at rejuvenation with young blood. She looks tired. She’s worn and wrinkled. She’s got the etched grimace of a hospice patient. That doesn’t seem vivacious.

Well, that is only your opinion, reader! Experts like Humdinger say that yes, Queen Elizabeth II does look like a wrinkled plastic sack from your local grocery story, but inside she feels as sprightly and spry as the fresh summer’s air wagging the many leaves of the trees scattered throughout the United Kingdom’s rolling hillocks.

The effect is not unlike what the public sees with Dick Cheney’s perpetual life of heart attacks. If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought he started suffering a heart attack in the early 70s and it still hasn’t quit. But that’s the desired illusion for the public. Life extension is not something they wish the general populace to acquire, or even inquire about.

Internally, Dick Cheney is getting younger, according to sources familiar with the various methods elite families use to reverse corporeal degeneration. Cheney’s organs, similar to the queen’s, are repairing and rejuvenating themselves with every fresh flush of young blood.

If the process of keeping the elite alive at the expense of the burdened, poor, and unwitting general public seems barbaric and violent, then you simply don’t know enough about history and the importance of keeping a well-stocked, healthy brain trust at the top of the global socioeconomic pyramid. There are important decisions to be made! And they cannot be made by half-wits or peasant children who grow into mediocre adults.

[Queen Elizabeth II with Laura Bush at the Children’s National Medical Center, White House photo by Shealah Craighead; Royal family together by Jon; Bush Jr toasts the queen, White House photo by Eric Draper]

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  1. Donald O'Donovan
    Donald O'Donovan May 08, 09:58

    Jesus! As a lifelong member of the lumpen proletariat I’ve often heard it said of the elite that “They can kill us but they can’t eat us!” But that’s not exactly true, is it?

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    • DDA
      DDA Author May 10, 16:46

      If we’re going to survive and make it to a Type-1 civilization, we’re going to have to adopt cyclical policies in nearly every aspect of living. Such as burning aborted fetuses to warm and power hospitals, to rearranging our big city water systems to go from ‘toilet to tap’. It seems a waste, then, to bury otherwise perfectly healthy, vibrant calories.

      It’s a brave new world.

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