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There Be No Conspiracy Here: Michael Hastings Questioned Everything

June 24
10:00 2013

There may be no conspiracy here. A predator drone probably didn’t take out Michael Hastings. The CIA or the FBI probably didn’t plant a bomb beneath his dashboard, or somewhere in the frame of his vehicle. This probably wasn’t a “Boston Brakes” situation. And 2013 models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles probably don’t just blow up while driving down the street.

But as Americans, we should not give the benefit of the doubt to the reigning institutions that wield power over our intelligence, our communications, our money, our liberty, and our security.

The CIA only starts fake revolutions in South America and the Middle East, and uses predator drones to bomb market places and neighborhoods in Pakistan. They aren’t so vicious as much as they are “keeping on top of things.” So what kind of nutcase would think they could pull a stunt on the homeland?

The other question is whether or not the FBI was investigating Hastings, the journalist best known for stuffing General Stanley McChrystal with his own damning off-the-record quotes, and for penetrating the CIA? If they were, the question would be, for what? Saying that the Obama administration had declared war on journalists and whistleblowers?

Of course not! The people least qualified to clear the air of these conspiracy theories, and restore a modicum of truth to the situation, have done just that:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that journalist Michael Hastings, who died in an auto crash this week, was never under investigation by the agency. The bureau responded in a statement: “At no time was journalist Michael Hastings ever under investigation by the FBI.”

The FBI’s statement comes as officials with the Los AngelesPolice Department said that there appears to be no foul play in the one-vehicle accident that killed Hastings. (source)

Taking the LAPD and FBI’s “word for it” is like allowing John Wayne Gacy to take over pushing your kid on the swingset while you go inside to take a nap. “I’ll bring out lemonade and cookies in awhile,” Mom says. “Thank you so much for watching little Bobby! What’s your name again?”

“Gacy,” Gacy says. “G-a-c-y.”

“Perfect,” Mom says. “I’ll check on you two a little later!”

“Enjoy your nap, misses,” Gacy says.

“You are just so sweet,” Mom says.

Just remember a few months ago when Christopher Dorner was holed up in that cabin and the LAPD called to “burn it down” over the police scanner. No trial. No jury. Just burn it down.

After we all watched it on live TV, the LAPD said they didn’t actually burn down the cabin. “No we didn’t! Huh-uh. Not on purpose. Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The voices on the police scanner were a conspiracy theory. And a couple months after that, guess what? The LAPD determined that Dorner’s complaints about racism, police brutality, and thuggery in the department were completely false, and the general public shouldn’t worry, because there was an investigation into the matter.

Hastings was probably driving very fast that night, although there are no skid marks to measure. The front end of his Mercedes wrapped around a palm tree in the median of Highland. The whole vehicle was engulfed in flames.

The engine and transmission ripped out of the front end from the force of impact, and landed about 60 yards away. It is hard to imagine how those heavy blocks of metal would be flung past the tree. The banged up rear door and torn off back end of the car is also suspicious.

Cars don’t blow up at 4.30am every day. So question away, but do it as mindfully as possible.

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