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Edward Snowden, NSA Celebrity Shill? Leave It Alone, Warns Hubert Humdinger

Edward Snowden, NSA Celebrity Shill? Leave It Alone, Warns Hubert Humdinger
June 19
03:39 2013

Los Angeles

As I’d suspected early on when Edward Snowden, NSA whistle blower, became a celebrity after he leaked documents through The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald:

The operations of secret intelligence agencies aiming at the manipulation of public opinion generally involve a combination of cynical deception with the pathetic gullibility of the targeted populations. There is ample reason to believe that the case of Edward Joseph Snowden fits into this pattern. We are likely dealing here with a limited hangout operation, in which carefully selected and falsified documents and other materials are deliberately revealed by an insider who pretends to be a fugitive rebelling against the excesses of some oppressive or dangerous government agency. (Tarpley, Veteran’s Today)

The only reason I didn’t say it is because I’m not nearly as knowledgeable on the subject as Dr Webster Tarpley, nor do I have the credentials to make the point stick.

Tarpley is saying that Edward Snowden could very possibly be an NSA shill who is now being cast as the rebel who brought his superiors to their knees, and has awakened the American public to previously unknown dangers. The documents he released, although they seem like they’ve cracked open serious government secrets, might actually have been carefully selected to be revealed to the general public, by the NSA.

But why would the NSA, or powerful intelligence agencies do something like that? To steer the debate. To control the discussion. To conceal far worse revelations that might have been threatened with exposure. To rally the general public around a makeshift hero. To assuage the growing numbers of distrusting Americans who are openly suspicious about powerful, secretive intelligence agencies.

Although that sounds pathetically conspiratorial, it isn’t unprecedented. Our collective debates and discussions are much more tailored than we might think. Richard Nixon and his counsel created a false report that admitted partial responsibility for the Watergate burglary, but protected Nixon and supported false statements he’d made. This was to intentionally mislead the Senate Watergate Committee in their investigation.

This is called a ‘limited hangout’. Nixon and his men renamed it the ‘modified limited hangout’.

Wikipedia very simply defines ‘limited hangout’ as: “a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.

Dr Tarpley explains the history and presents evidence of the ‘limited hangout’ used recently. It’s a riveting article.

Do you know what you’re getting into?

Meanwhile, I contacted my general source of all knowledge, exiled and forgotten cultural philosopher Hubert Humdinger, who blasted me for both reading and linking to Veteran’s Today, and for becoming ensnared in the “never ending ‘what if this, or what if that is the case’ scenarios.”

Humdinger, at rest

Humdinger continued, “Do you know how many government agencies watch Veteran’s Today? Do you want to be on somebody’s list of possible enemies of the state? Do you want to garner the attention of the biggest players sitting at the intelligence table?” he asked me over Skype.

“This is not a game for boys. There are cutthroat factions within the US government that are fighting with each other. You grew up on a farm. You used to laugh. You used to innocently enjoy life. You were not born to spar with the shadow government.”

Humdinger leaned in close. His chiseled jawline and sharp nose filled my computer screen. “I suggest you get back to that sort of lifestyle.”

I squinted at his blocky old teeth clashing across the lower half of my computer. “I suggest you remember how to laugh and live life as it was intended,” he said. “The only fighting against the system you can do is strengthening your principles, and living in truth and honesty with those around you. Stay informed. Live with grace.

“There have always been nefarious authoritarian governments manipulating humanity. We’re at a new precipice for disaster, due to the technological advances that have been implemented into every day life to enslave us, but there is nothing for curious boys like yourself to do about it.”

Humdinger slung himself back in his fancy leather office chair. “Keep your nose outta it!” he shouted.

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